25 Jun 2015

TBT - Spring Strole

Today's Throwback Tursday is an outfit I wore this past Spring. I like dressing for those in-between seasons because I love layering! It's like you get to wear more than one outfit per day. How cool is that? The "inside outfit" was an edgier take on the plain white T with a black bottom. I decided to wear a graphic T paired with a black mini skirt and black nylons. Throw on some pearls and cute booties and you are good to go! For the "outside outfit" I just added a leather jacket and a scarf to keep chills at bay in the crisper air. In this outfit, the scarf is the magic piece that brings it all together. The grey from the booties, the pink from the handbag and the purple from the jacket can all be found in the scarf. Adding this last element instantly harmonized the outfit!

Skirt: Smart SetT-shirt: Smart Set | Pearls: Smart Set| Booties: You by Crocs| Earrings: Claire's | Handbag: H & S Collection | Scarf: Dynamite | Jacket: Danier

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