30 Apr 2017

Pastel Peplum

This look is basically the exact same as a look I recently wore on vacation, but updated for springtime weather. I traded out the distressed denim shorts for longer jeans and swapped out the flip flips for flats. The rest is exactly as in this look (the third one.) This pastel peplum camisole is so light and breezy it's a perfect transition piece. The fun pastel print makes it versatile and a summer staple for me. It can easily take you from the beach to brunch! Just add a structured jacket and you are all set for a more formal setting. Or layer it over a swimsuit for a sunny day at the beach. The sky's the limit with this little number!

Jeans: Zara | Top: Old Navy | Jacket: Old Navy | Earrings: Callura | Flats: Old Navy

29 Apr 2017

Lace Get Together

Sometimes, a girl just feel like dressing up! Today was one of those days. It was a rainy one and I wanted to lift my spirit, so I reached for this bright fuchsia lace dress! However, I did not stop there! What better way to wear bright colours than by colour-blocking them? Adding the cobalt coat was a no-brainer and I tied the two pieces together with cobalt accessories. This was one eye-catching look! Best of all, it put me in a great mood. I was ready to face the downpour in my cheerful outfit. I figure I could totally wear this exact look to a wedding as well. A solid-coloured lace-overlay dress is always a good one for a wedding guest. I will definitely keep this look in my back pocket for any upcoming celebrations. 

Dress: Sandra Darren | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Tights: Hudson's Bay | Coat: Zara | Scarf: Chapters | Shoes: Anne Michelle

28 Apr 2017

Time to Shine

Rise and shimmer & shine! Casual Friday never looked so shiny! A subtle shimmer in a top is an easy way of wearing a bit of bling to work, and it sure jazzes up a simple t-shirt. This navy T is from Banana Republic and they have a cute selection of metallic t-shirts. They are comfortable and super easy to style. I paired mine with girlfriend jeans and a navy blazer for work. Just to go the extra mile, I added gold sequin shoes to the mix, but the outfit would be just as statement-worthy without them. I just figured the more the merrier. Bring on the sparkle, this lady is ready for the weekend!

T-shirt: Banana Republic | Blazer: Banana Republic | Jeans: Banana Republic | Earrings: Smart Set | Shoes: Zara

27 Apr 2017

TBT - Black & Blush

This look is so elegant and lady-like, while still being trendy. Polka dots will never go out of style in my book, it is such a classic print. This blouse is fun because the dots are quite big and the sleeves are puffy. I paired it to my blush wool midi- skirt, a skirt that has a certain vintage feel to me. I added some black platform wedges and a metal-bar waist belt for a more du jour feel. As much as I could totally picture a very similar look worn in the 50s, this outfit is very much one that wears well in our day and time. You can hardly ever go wrong with a good blouse/skirt combination, it's winning for a reason!

Blouse: Jacob | Skirt: Zara | Belt: Jacob | Earrings: Callura | Bracelet: (gift) | Shoes: Tales

26 Apr 2017

Fall into Lace

Lace is so classic and easy to wear. I found this cute top on sale at Nordstrom and thought it was an interesting use of lace. I like how it is not lined on the arms, but is on the bodice. I also like the contrast of the prime and proper neckline with the casual vibe of shorter sleeves. It's very unexpected and makes for a great desk-to-weekend piece. It can easily be dressed up or down. I kept it simple for a work look today by pairing it with purple and green printed pants and metallic flats. It's totally office-ready, but is still weekend-comfy, exactly what Mondays call for...

Pants: Banana Republic | Top: WAYF | Earrings: (old) | Belt: Dynamite | Flats: Me Too

25 Apr 2017

Just Peachy

Springtime dinner dates call for florals and pastels! We had a double-date the other night with a cousin who recently moved back to town. It was a great evening spent catching up and making future plans. It was a more casual thing, so I opted for my green flutter-sleeve top, coral jeans, blush flats and a denim jacket to top it all off. When I "match" my denims, I typically mix the washes and colours to avoid looking too matchy-matchy. Besides, an exact denim match is hard to find, and if you do happen to find one, it would most likely be a denim overkill. It's much simpler and trendy to mix your denims, and spring is the perfect season to experiment with candy-colours!

Top: J. Crew Factory | Jeans: RW&CO | Jacket: Banana Republic | Earrings: RW&CO | Pouch: Chapters | Flats: Old Navy

24 Apr 2017

Cool Hued

This look screams springtime! The bold hues, the floral watercolour and the flutter sleeves. I simply cannot get enough of this outfit. It is fun, feminine and flirty! I actually have the pants in the exact print as the shirt, but loved it so much, I got both items. I'm not sure I would wear them together as I think it would be a bit much... But, by having two items in the same print, I get to double the outfit potential and wear it on repeat. When a print is this nice, you buy it twice! I obviously could not resist wearing it with my cobalt blue flutter-sleeve coat. It's like a match made in fashion heaven! I just love it when looks come together effortlessly. Perhaps, the fresh spring air is what is getting my creative juices flowing again. For some reason, when spring comes around, my styling muscles get a boost! The multitude of bright colours and longer hours of sunshine might also have something to do with it...

Jeans: Old Navy | Top: Banana Republic Factory | Earrings: Smart Set | Camisole: Urban Behaviour | Coat: Zara | Flats: Breckelle's

23 Apr 2017

Behind the Greens

I was going for the monochromatic look today, but turns out the dress is not the same green as the sweater... That only became obvious in the pictures. Oh well, it might not be the perfect match, but it is not the worst match either. I was trying to dress down a fancy dress by layering a knit cardicoat over it and adding metallic booties for a hint of edginess. Had the dress been greener, I think it would have turned out great! I'm not super loving this look, but I'm not disliking it either. Let's put this one in the maybe pile. 

Dress: Venus | Cardicoat: Old Navy | Earrings: Fossil | Tights: Hudson's Bay | Booties: Zara

22 Apr 2017

Work The Bloom

The print of this dress is so bright and fun! I also like the fact it is on a black background as this makes it easier to transition the piece during the cooler months. Seeing as some days are still wet and dreary, I paired it with a black peplum cardigan and burgundy pumps today. I can't wait to style it for warmer temperatures, there are so many bright colours to pick up on! On a side note, I find the print is reminiscent of an Erdem dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge recently. Although the print is much bigger on my dress, the colours and pattern are very similar. Seeing as this dress was a fraction of the price of the designer piece, I'll live with the bigger print! I obviously would love to own an Erdem dress, they are so fabulous, but unfortunately my there isn't enough wiggle room in my clothing budget! If you spot something on a runway, chances are there are going to be more similar styles at more affordable prices. Just keep your eyes peeled, you'd be amazed by just how similar some of this replicates can be!

Dress: Ricki's | Sweater: Jacob | Earrings: RW&CO | Tights: Hudson's Bay | Shoes: Jessica (Sears)

21 Apr 2017

Red my Lips

I found a way to dress down this amazing striped bow blouse. I simply paired the navy shirt with a denim jacket for monochromatic layers. I think the result is perfect! I even rolled the cuffs of the jacket and the blouse for more layering details. I then decided to wear a pop of colour to break up the navy and opted for red pants! You can never go wrong with red pants, they are the ultimate statement piece. I then wanted to kick things up a notch and wear my full-on gold sequin Mary-Jane's. There is no time like the present to wear blingy shoes! Today's look is the perfect example of how to dress down a couple fancier pieces by pairing them with bolder and more casual ones. I was very pleased with this look and felt super confident wearing it. Perhaps the red lips had something to do with that!

Pants: Old Navy | Blouse: Banana Republic | Jacket: Banana Republic | Earrings: (souvenir) | Shoes: Zara

20 Apr 2017

TBT - Spring has Sprung

Other than wearing actual flowers, wearing green and pink is totally floral inspired! These Kelly green jeans are perfect for the warmer temps, they are just the right shade and brightness to put a spring in your step. I added a soft petal-pink shirt and fuchsia flats to bring that floral colour palette to life. The white ruffled cardigan was the perfect neutral to balance out the look and add a layer of interest. I was ready to frolic in the fields of fresh blooms. (Think opening scene of the Sound of Music). Then again, this looks would work wonderfully for a picnic in the park as well. This outfit would actually work in many scenarios, have your pick!

Jeans: Old Navy | Top: La Vie en Rose | Cardigan: YAL | Earrings: (old) | Necklace: Magnolia | Bracelet: Pandora | Flats: Qupid 

19 Apr 2017

Splash of Red

The plus side of all this rain is that I'm getting a lot of wear out of my Hunter boots! I am seriously in love with these, they are stylish, comfortable and practical! The shoe trifecta! I can wear them worry free: dry feet, no blisters and cute to boot! They are worth the investment! Seeing as it was torrential today, and I had plenty of appointments, I opted to style my look around my boots. I kept it simple with my go-tos: distressed denim and a striped top. I added the buffalo plaid vest to match the red and voilà! This outfit was perfect for getting around in the rain, and the splash of colour brightened my day. It was a win-win situation!

Jeans: Zara | Top: H&M | Vest: Old Navy | Earrings: (old) | Boots: Hunter

18 Apr 2017


I sure love a good graphic tee and could not pass this one up! I love this saying and, seeing as I am a francophone, totally appropriate! The saying is a common expression used to apologize for swearing. I like to think of it as something I say when I chose to speak French simply to annoy those who don't understand it. It's all done in good fun though, I only use my super-powers for good! However, I would like to touch on the fact that some people get overly offended by a saying on a graphic t-shirt. I think this is ridiculous. It's a shirt! It's not as if the shirt's sole purpose is to offend you. Graphic tees are meant to be light-hearted and funny. I tend to wear shirts that make me laugh and that are in line with my sense of humour. If you know me, you would totally understand the joke behind the shirt. Please, don't read into a shirt too much, it's not worth getting all worked up over. I wear graphic t-shirts because I see them as a way of expression, like all style is for that matter. After all, I don't take myself too seriously and can poke fun at myself too. I see it as me embracing this goofy saying and making it my own. I'm not afraid of it or of where it came from. By wearing it and embracing it, it losses all offensive power over me. I am proud of my heritage and am not afraid to show it, even if it means using something meant to offend me to do so.

P.S. I do realize some graphic t-shirts cross certain lines and are not even remotely funny. Chose your shirts wisely.

Jeans: Banana Republic | T-shirt: Old Navy | Jacket: BLANKNYC | Earrings: (old) | Shoes: Zara

17 Apr 2017

To Grey the Least

Leggings and a tunic is a great combination! I opted for black coated leggings and my seafoam sweater today. Seeing as it was still a bit chilly I added my suede OTK boots and grey suede moto jacket with a faux-fur stole. It was just the right layers to keep me comfortable and not too warm. I have to say, my spring dressing has been right on the money this year. So far, I've been able to maneuver the fluctuating mercury and finding the right balance with my outfits. Hopefully the streak continues!

Sweater: Ricki's | Leggings: Dynamite | Earrings: Ricki's | Jacket: BLANKNYC | Faux-Fur Stole: Sole Society | Boots: Steve Madden

16 Apr 2017

For Peep's Sake!

Happy Easter, my fellow fashion peeps!

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves on this Easter Sunday. I have fond childhood memories of Easter morning. Growing up with many siblings meant a strategy had to be set in place. My mom (aka, the Easter bunny) would set up individual baskets filled with springtime knick knacks such as jump ropes, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and the likes along with a big chocolate bunny. Those were set on the dining room table and were clearly identified. Chocolate and candy-filled plastic eggs were then hidden around the house. We were all up at the crack of dawn and made sure every sibling was awake before starting the hunt (we had our civilized moments.) Once every goody had been found, we would empty the contents of our baskets and divvy up the goods equally. That way, we could all have fun and, most importantly, had the same amount of chocolate as the others. Sharing is caring after all! We would then get dressed up in our Sunday best and go to church. When I say Sunday best, I literally mean that. My mom (the talented seamstress that she is) had made us matching outfits for church. The boys had the cutest little beige overalls with matching dinosaur-print shirts and the girls had these frilly floral dressed with white aprons that had floral appliqués on them. I absolutely adored my dress while my sister was less enthused... My brothers also preferred less formal wear. I have to say, we looked adorable and well-coordinated! Lucky for you, I got my dad to send me a couple pictures of us all decked out for Easter. The first picture was in 1994 and I was clearly not in a good mood... The second picture was a year later and I was definitely happier. This year's festivities are low key and I am thankful to be spending it having dinner surrounded by family.

Jeans: Zara | Blouse: Smart Set | Cardigan: Joe Fresh | Camisole: Smart Set | Scarf: ChaptersEarrings: Aldo | Jacket: Old Navy | Shoes: Zara

15 Apr 2017

Little Bow Pleats

Is there anything more whimsical than a gigantic bow? I absolutely love this statement detail of the blouse. What's even better is that the tie is removable, should you want to wear the shirt without it. Hello versatility! I would probably even try wearing the tie on a different blouse for an even bigger statement! I feel so put together with a fancy neck-detail. There is something refreshing about this blouse. It's feminine meets masculine. It's very boardroom appropriate, all while being easily suitable for a preschool teacher. I decided to dress it up a bit by pairing it with a silver pleated midi-skirt. The bling and the pumps give the outfit a total boss-lady vibe. This look sure packs a punch!

Skirt: Dynamite | Blouse: Banana Republic | Earrings: La Maison d'Or | Belt: Smart Set | Tights: Hudson's Bay | Shoes: Badgley Mischka

14 Apr 2017

Spring Fever

"Florals? For spring? Ground breaking."
                                                              -Miranda Priestly

I know it's not revolutionary, but all I want to wear right now are florals! As Miranda so beautifully puts it in The Devil Wears Prada, wearing florals during the spring is not a new concept. After all, Mother Nature dons florals every year... I just like the fresh, pastel hues of the new blooms in the spring. They are a sign of rebirth and just feel fresh and new (even though they are not). Perhaps that is part of the magic of spring, wearing floral patterns evoke that same sense of renewal as seeing the blooming scenery. Either way, floral patterns come in all sizes and colour palettes, have your pick!

Dress: Mexx | Necklace: Dynamite | Earrings: Callura | Tights: Old Navy | Jacket: BLANKNYC | Booties: Zara