21 Feb 2019

Vacation - Casual Looks

Today's post is the last one featuring vacation looks. It's all about the casual, hanging out or touring outfits. I tried to really pack the least amount of clothing for this category because, from experience, I know that I wear these types of looks the least. I typically wear them to breakfast because I don't like going to breakfast in my swimsuit. It just feels odd to me. I was ambitious and only packed one pair of shorts on this trip. I only wear them for about an hour or so at a time, so I figured one would be enough. I brought some light wash denim shorts because they are very versatile.

20 Feb 2019

MAF - Vacances - Soirées en amoureux

Ah! les vacances. Je tente de me réchauffer un peu en rédigeant mes billets de la semaine passée au soleil. Il me tarde d'y retourner. Cet hiver n'est pas près d'achever, donc je devrais me contenter des souvenirs réconfortants pour tenir le coup jusqu'au printemps!

19 Feb 2019

Vacation - Beachin' it!

A beach vacation in a tropical locale calls for lots of beachwear and this girl loves her swimsuits! I opted for bold colours, prints and flowy cover-ups for this trip. I don't think any beach or pool-side look is complete without a statement piece, whether that be a cute hat, mirrored sunnies or a Grecian cover-up. I even like to accessorize with statement earrings and headbands or hair-ties. A cute beach bag is a must to tote around all the daily essentials such as sunscreen, reading material, water bottle, snacks, mini first-aid kit (yes, I'm that person!) and towel.