30 Nov 2016

Cool Shorts

I love layering; that's no secret. But what people tend to forget about it is that layering is not only for the top half of the body. I'm a huge fan of wearing skirts with tights in the winter, so it's not a far stretch to wear shorts with tights, right? The only tricky part is that I personally feel this technique works best with thicker material shorts, and darker colours. I got these Banana Republic shorts last summer, but did not get a chance to wear them before the fire... They came back from the cleaners (tag still on) and I decided to grab them during my fall selection, hoping I would finally have the opportunity to wear them. Since the material is on the thicker side, and the cool colour palette lends itself well to dropping temperatures, I styled them with patterned tights and a cable-knit sweater. The icy grey sweater and darker grey tights help make the shorts the true focus of the outfit. I added a pop of colour with the pendant to tie the look together. I know it's unconventional, but I like how this trick helps me get away with wearing shorter shorts at work. The tights keep it all appropriate, since no skin in showing. It's less chocking to the more conservative. I would still suggest you proceed with caution before trying out this technique at work. Make sure to check your dress-codes...

Shorts: Banana Republic | Sweater: Banana Republic Factory | Necklace: Ricki's | Earrings: Callura | Tights: Sculptz | Coat: Esprit | Faux-fur stole: Banana Republic | Boots: Aldo

29 Nov 2016

Leather Lovin'

Some days just start off on the wrong foot... I made a run in my tights first thing this morning and knew it would be one of those days. I figured I'd wear a witty graphic tee to make my mood known to all. If you want to have a good day, please avoid crossing paths with me (said in the most tactful way possible). In comes the "Be nice or go away" shirt! It's straight to the point, and tells it like it is! Plus, I don't actually have to utter a single syllable! Seeing as I was feeling a little less goody-goody today, I figured a leather mini skirt and back-seem tights fit the bill. I added a black blazer and pumps to tone things down a bit and give the look more structure for work. Let's just say, I was ready for happy hour once 5 o'clock came around!

Skirt: Dynamite | T-shirt: Zara | Blazer: Jacob | Earrings: Callura | Tights: Sculptz | Shoes: Zara

28 Nov 2016

Mauve Mood

Metallic mauve for Monday! Purple is my favourite colour, in any shade! I love the metallic touch in this sweater, it gives it that certain je ne sais quoi. I decided to layer a sheer white blouse underneath it and finished off the look with my printed Banana Republic pants. It was a great comfy-cozy look for a Monday, which also happened to be the first big snowfall of the season. I sure was happy to be in a cozy sweater! Bring on the fluffy white stuff!

Pants: Banana Republic | Blouse: Dynamite | Sweater: Banana Republic | Necklace: Dynamite | Earrings: (old) | Booties: Blondo

27 Nov 2016

Trippy Trolls

So my partner decided to be spontaneous and go to the movies last weekend. We have very different tastes in movies, so actually going to the cinema is a rare occurrence. We were scrolling through the movie listings and everything we wanted to see only started the following week... We somehow decided on Trolls. I was then inspired by the colourful, glittery beings for my outfit. I opted for a light pink metallic t-shirt, distressed denim, shiny booties and a cozy blanket scarf, because I always get chilly in the theater. A quick swipe of pink lipstick and a messy topknot finished the look. The movie was definitely interesting to say the least. We did have some good laughs, but it kind of gave off a "smurfs on acid" vibe at times...

Jeans: Smart Set | T-shirt: Banana Republic | Coat: Lululemon | Scarf: Old Navy | Purse: H&M | Booties: Zara

26 Nov 2016

Mini? Check!

Men shirt, short skirt... Shania Twain was on to something with these lyrics. Yup, this outfit is totally inspired by a song. It just goes to prove that inspiration can come from anywhere! I decided on my black mini skirt and buffalo-plaid shirt (which is loose fitting, more like a boyfriend shirt) and spiced it up with a metallic sweater, velvet chocker and over-the-knee boots! This was a really fun and unexpected layered look for a casual Friday! Wearing a plaid shirt instantly gives the metallic a more dressed-down vibe. I haven't stopped wearing this shirt since I got it and can't wait to add it to the cycle of holiday clothes in December! Stick around to see more ways of styling this classic.

Skirt: Smart Set | Shirt: Old Navy | Sweater: Banana Republic Factory | Necklace: Dynamite | Earrings: Old Navy | Tights: Hudson's Bay | Boots: Wild Diva

25 Nov 2016

Classy Overalls


Have I mentioned how much I love my black overalls? They've kind of been on repeat this fall... I decided to class them up a bit by pairing them with an ivory cowl-neck sweater! I though the superimposing of the straps and collar would make for an unexpected look. I really like it! Nude heels finished off the look and truly gave it that classy feel. I cannot get over just how versatile my black overalls have proved to be. They are quickly becoming a staple of mine!

Overalls: Zara | Sweater: Dynamite (old) | Earrings: Olivia Welles | Necklace: Dynamite | Coat: Reitmans | Tuque: Zara | Shoes: Gomax

24 Nov 2016

TBT - Lace, Lace, Baby...

Seeing as the holidays are approaching rapidly, I figured I'd share a formal, festive-inspired look. I had worn this to go see a Burlesque show. I remember being a little stumped on what to wear... It's not your typical event, and I wanted to make sure I wouldn't miss the mark. I figured a tasteful, form-fitting sheath dress would fit the bill. It's sexy, without being too revealing. The lace overlay and sleeves keep it demure. The mini length is perfect for showing off a bit of leg, but the black tights and boots help in keeping things classy. This little lace number was a great find and is proving to be very versatile as well. It's an elegant twist on the traditional little black dress.

Dress: Suzy Shier | Bracelet: Pandora | Earrings: (old) | Tights: (old) | Boots: Call it Spring

23 Nov 2016

Foxy Lady


How cute is this sweater? I mean, it's a winking fox! I knew I needed to have it the moment I saw it! My partner is always poking fun at me because I can never manage to wink, no matter how hard I try. I figured this sweater could do the winking for me! I love it when my clothes speak for themselves, it really helps out on those days I feel less like adulting... I obviously where this one on days I feel extra whimsical. Graphic sweaters are adorable, cozy and great for print-mixing! I mean, you can go to town on the print combinations as the whimsy factor gives you a lot more creative leeway. Today's look was super busy, but I added a touch of sass with the OTK boots, which also help tone down the business of the pants. Throw on this season's must have accessory (the velvet chocker) and you have beautifully combines cute and sexy! Not an easy balance to strike!

Sweater: Ricki's | Pants: Dalia (Marshall's) | Necklaces: Dynamite | Earrings: Dynamite | Coat: Reitmans | Boots: Steve Madden

22 Nov 2016

Plaid Rush


It would appear I need my weekly fix of plaid... After a few days, I start jonesing to wear some! I've got enough variety to choose from, but I tend to gravitate towards this blouse a lot more lately. Maybe it's the high-low hem, or even the super soft feel of the fabric. Either way, I've managed to sneak this piece in on a regular basis! Here a the other recent posts featuring the addiction (here, here and here). I think it's safe to say this one's a keeper!

Leggings: Dynamite | Shirt: BP. (Nordstrom) | Sweater: Verve Ami (Marshall's) | Earrings: Northern Reflections | Hat: Reitmans | Coat: Reitmans | Boots: Aldo

21 Nov 2016

Blushing Olive

So, I figured sweater weather was here to stay, therefore I wore jeans and a sweater today. Turns out I was wrong, it was way too hot for a sweater, never mind the winter outdoor accessories... I was dressed for -12 when in reality it was 12 degrees! It would appear the forecast is very mild this week, unusual for this time of year. I guess I won't complain, seeing as the entire roof of my house is being replaced this week. I'm happy Mother Nature is throwing us a bone! I'll just be sure to check the weather before automatically piling on the winter gear. Even though I was a bit on the warm side, I'm loving this combination of blush pink and olive. It's sweet, yet unexpected!

Jeans: Zara | Sweater: Old Navy | Earrings: Zara | Scarf: Old Navy | Coat: Reitmans | Tuque: Dynamite | Mittens: Dynamite | Booties: Very Volatile

20 Nov 2016

Somber Ceremony


Saturday was a very productive day. We finalized cabinet choices and visited the plumbing store for our final bath and shower picks. We then attended the funeral of an extended family member. These gatherings are never easy, but always have a silver lining. They tend to end up in a sort of family reunion, where everyone reminisces about the good times spent with the now departed. We have yet another angel looking down upon us. After our ordeal this past summer, I firmly believe our departed loved ones look out for us from above. I personally still speak to my grand-father whenever I'm going through a tough time. I was very young when he passed and I've always regarded him as a guardian angel. It helps to share your innermost thoughts with someone you once trusted. I know he will always lend a listening ear, even if only figuratively. I often feel his presence and it is truly comforting.

Pants: Banana Republic | Camisole: Dynamite | Blazer: Jacob | Necklace: Dynamite | Earrings: (old) | Bracelet: Pandora | Coat: Via Spiga | Shoes: Payless Shoe Source

19 Nov 2016

Royal Afternoon


I like tradition and class. Naturally, I'm a huge fan of afternoon tea, even though it is not a very Canadian thing to do, I like going for tea every now and then. I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity, seeing as I am close to an Ch√Ęteau that happens to serve it! On this particular occasion, it was a Royal Afternoon Tea. The menu was entirely composed of goodies enjoyed by the royals themselves! Chef Darren McGrady, former Chef to Queen Elizabeth II, curated the menu and it was as typically British as it can get. I loved every single bite: from smoked Scottish salmon, to warm scones, to chocolate biscuit cake and everything in between! There is no better way to enjoy the afternoon!

Pants: Old Navy | Blouse: Banana Republic | Jacket: H&M | Earrings: True Bijoux | Cape: RW&Co | Boots: Steve Madden

18 Nov 2016

Light Edge


Today's outfit has an edgier feel, but in a soft colour palette. A neat trick in trying edgy styles, while being unsure of the harshness of certain items, is to try them in a lighter hue. It will soften the "edge" factor, all while upping your street cred (style wise)! I'm loving the leather moto jacket lately, and although I have a black one, this light grey is perfect for a softer, more feminine touch. I'd feel comfortable wearing this around my grand-mother without completely losing my style identity. It would be inoffensive, so to speak, and let me express myself all at once: a win-win situation! My grandma is pretty cool though, so even a full-on edgy black moto jacket would be fine around her. I pulled the colour palette for my look from the scarf. Soft pink and grey is a fail-safe colour combination and the white skinnies really keep it light and bright. It worked for fall, but on second thought, it might have been a better look option for springtime. I just might repeat this look in a few months...

Jeans: Old Navy | Camisole: Smart Set | Sweater: Smart Set | Necklace: Dynamite | Earrings: Ricki's | Jacket: BLANKCNYC (Nordstrom) | Scarf: Old Navy | Boots: Aldo