31 Jan 2016

Vacation - Polynesian Print Three Ways

I recently went on a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico! This means I have a lot of vacation outfit pictures to feature on the blog. Today's post is the first of many to come and is a collage of different ways I wore Polynesian print! I thought the print would be perfect for the tropical setting and decided to pack both my shorts and top. I wore the two together for a matchy-matchy ensemble with my panama hat. Since I like to get more than one wear out of the clothes I pack, I created a few other looks with the key pieces. I wore the shorts with a beige ruffle shirt and the top with simple black shorts to create two other looks. What I like about this mix and matching is that I get to wear each piece of clothing more than once without repeating a full outfit! Planning your looks before you pack really amps up your efficiency level!

Pic 1
Polynesian Print Top: J.Crew | Polynesian Print Shorts: J.Crew | Panama Hat: Old Navy | Earrings: H&M | Sandals: Payless Shoe Source

Pic 2
Ruffle Top: Joe Fresh | Polynesian Print Shorts: J.Crew | Earrings: (gift) | Sandals: I.N.C. International

Pic 3
Polynesian Print Top: J.Crew | Shorts: Dynamite | Earrings: Olivia Welles | Sandals: I.N.C. International

30 Jan 2016

Mimi and the Multi-Colour Travelling Cloak


Air travel between different climates can be very challenging wardrobe wise. When I know I will be travelling to a different climate than the one I'm leaving, I put a lot of thought into my outfit. A good travelling outfit must be comfortable, practical and versatile. Seems easy enough, but the really challenging part is still managing to look presentable or even stylish. A great basic to keep in mind is leggings. I hardly ever don't wear leggings while travelling. They allow me to move freely and are not constricting in any way, making sitting for long periods of time bearable. I then opt for layers. In today's look I am wearing a camisole (the lace detailing gives me bonus style points), a 3/4 sleeve t-shirt and a cardigan. These layers are practical and not too bulky. When I take off the cardigan, the layer underneath it still works. Wearing winter boots isn't always the best option. I chose booties with calf-socks for extra warmth without the bulk. Finally, I opted to wear my plaid cape. The cape is warm enough to get you from the car to inside the terminal, while doubling up as a blanket during the flight. The beauty about this one is that it's reversible. I tend to wear the same outfit to and from, seeing as packing two winter outfits would be overkill and that this outfit took so much planning! I figure I will simply wear the cape on the reverse side for the trip back and no one will even notice I'm wearing the same outfit! Tricks of the trade!

Leggings: Dynamite | Camisole: Garage | Shirt: Smart Set | Cardigan: Reitmans | Cape: RW&CO | Scarf: Excite | Earrings: Callura | Socks: Old Navy | Booties: Blondo

29 Jan 2016

Jewel Cords

There is something so rich and sophisticated about jewel tones. I love wearing them all at once for a really rich look. While colours of this palette can be seductive, today's take is more fun. I paired my teal cords with a deep fuchsia top and infused the rest of the outfit with a jewel-toned print zip-up sweater. The splashes of colour in the sweater tie the outfit together, while incorporating other similar hues to the look. The beauty about jewel tones is that they look good on every skin tone! Even though you may not be able to afford real sapphires or emeralds, these gems' colours can easily be added to your closet.

Corduroys: Old Navy | Shirt: Old Navy (other colour) | Hoodie: Smart Set | Earrings: Callura | Coat: Esprit | Scarf: (gift) | Mittens: Sarich's Source for Sports | Cloche: Nine West | Boots: Henri Pierre 

28 Jan 2016

TBT - Mint Condition

I'm hoping to bring you warm thoughts on this cold day by throwing it back to a summer look! I had worn a black and white romper with a mint cardigan, yellow sandals and a statement necklace to tie it all together. This particular romper has a cute open-back detail, so the cardigan is a great addition to the outfit, should you need the extra coverage. The beauty of the black and white print is that it makes this romper very versatile, the styling possibilities are endless! This would be a perfect piece to pack, should you be planning a winter getaway to somewhere warm...

Romper: Dynamite | Cardigan: Old Navy | Necklace: ebay | Earrings: Northern Reflections | Bracelet: Pandora | Sandals: Michael Antonio

27 Jan 2016

Plush and Cozy


I'm experimenting with layers today. I purchased this light blue sweater a few sizes bigger, as I wanted to wear it more as a tunic. I had a stroke of genius when I thought of pairing it with my light grey polka-dot shirt dress. The hemline of the dress is a tad longer than that of the sweater and the V-neck opening is perfect to showcase the dress's collar. I'm quite pleased with the result! I chose to wear leggings with the ensemble as it is cold out and I feel the tunic-length calls for a more opaque bottom. I've had both the dress and sweater for a few years now, but only recently thought of layering them to create a new look. Sometimes, the creative process can't be rushed!

Shirt dress: Old Navy | Sweater: RW&CO | Leggings: Lululemon | Earrings: (gift) | Coat: RW&CO | Scarf: Dynamite | Tuque: Anarchy Gallery | Boots: Henri Pierre

26 Jan 2016

Chills and Frills


I paired a tiered mini skirt with a chunky knit... again! I've had this sweater for ages and I remember buying it for a mere 10$ on Boxing Day. This was a great find as I still get a lot of wear out of it. I absolutely love the big collar that can be worn off the shoulder or more like a cowl neck. The ivory shade makes it a practical neutral and the vertical braided detail down the side is a great eye-catching element that helps elongate the body. This was definitely a great score and, to this day, if I came across this sweater, I would still buy it. Some items are classic and never go out of style. Ten years later, and I have not yet fallen out of love with this sweater!

Skirt: Jacob | Sweater: Dynamite | Tights: Old Navy | Earrings: (gift) | Coat: ELFE | Headband: Anarchy Gallery | Booties: Blondo

25 Jan 2016

Pastel Kisses


I absolutely love the combination of blush pink and grey. There is something sweet and simple about it. This is a more neutral pastel winter look. I combined my blush skinny jeans with a simple white long-sleeved t-shirt and added a grey sweater and a lip-print infinity scarf in the same shades. By adding the kiss-print to the blush and grey, I gave the look a more romantic feel. This would be a perfect outfit to wear during a cozy Valentine's day spend by the fire side of a rustic cottage...

Jeans: Dynamite | Top: Smart Set | Sweater: Tattoo | Scarf: H&M | Earrings: Callura | Coat: Lululemon | Tuque: Chapters Indigo (other colour) | Scarf: Lululemon | Gloves: Old Navy | Boots: Henri Pierre 

24 Jan 2016

True North

Today, it was cold and snowing. As I was feeling under the weather, I decided to do some cocooning. I'll admit this look is not my best, but I was looking for ultimate comfort. A plush hoodie and OTK knit socks were a must. I added my beige liquid leggings to the mix for their warmth factor. I was cozy and sheltered from the elements. It sure helps to have a warm furry buddy to cuddle with, if only she'd leave me two minutes of peace to take outfit pics!
Leggings: Dynamite | Tank: Smart Set | Hoodie: Roots | Socks: Mukluk

23 Jan 2016

Blushing Navy

Ah the weekend, a welcome break! Back to my cozy not-leaving-the-house attire. Today's look consists of blush pink skinny jeans and knitted socks with a metallic navy sweater. I love the way these two colours complement each other, they strike the right balance between feminine and masculine. The navy is strong and powerful while the blush is soft and subtle. A look that harmonizes this well is meant to be worn! Ok, I admit that in the picture the socks and jeans are not the same shade of pink. I swear the difference was not that obvious in the light of day. My picture-taking skills are not that great, I should perhaps invest in some better lighting...

Jeans: Dynamite | Sweater: H&M (gift) | Earrings: Old Navy | Socks: Chapters Indigo (gift)

22 Jan 2016

Uh Oh, Oreo!

I have a soft spot for the classic Oreo cookie and, for some reason, this look makes me think of it. Perhaps it's the way I sandwiched the black and white together... A simple long-sleeved white top stuck in the middle of black skinny jeans, boots, coat and hat makes the cookie vision come to life! I had to break things up a bit with a print infusion! Although I added interest with the windowpane scarf, I stuck with the cookie's colour palette. :p

P.S. Puppy clearly wanted in on the action today! Since I couldn't keep her out of the shots, I figured I'd let her be part of them!

Jeans: Banana Republic | Top: Dynamite | Scarf: Old Navy | Earrings: Hudson's Bay | Coat: Le Château | Mittens: (handmade gift) |Hat: Le Château | Boots: Bare Traps

21 Jan 2016

TBT - Seeing Spots

This outfit makes me think of outer space. Three guesses why... I would say this look is a perfect example of intermediate print-mixing. I say intermediate because both prints contain the same colours and I mixed a small organic print with a bolder geometric one. I admit it's a busy look, but it's a cohesive one. I added pops of lavender to soften the harshness of the black. I was shooting for the sky with this look and definitely left a few star-struck passers-by in my wake! ;)

Pants: Dalia Collection | Blouse: Jacob | Belt: Dynamite | Bracelet: Pandora | Earrings: Smart Set | Pearls: real black pearls (gift) | Sandals: Qupid

20 Jan 2016

Rosé Mini


Have I mentioned how much I love the proportion play that happens when pairing a mini skirt with a chunky knit? Well, I'm at it again! I chose my light pink cable-knit sweater and paired it with my simple black mini. I added sheer black tights, nude booties and my matinée pearls. I felt the black gave the look a bit of edge, while the pink and pearls softened it with feminine touches. This look was equal parts sugar and spice!

Skirt: Smart Set | Sweater: Old Navy | Pearls: Smart Set | Earrings: Aldo (gift) | Tights: Calvin Klein |  Socks: Giant Tiger | Coat: RW&CO | Faux-Fur Stole: RW&CO | Booties: Very Volatile

19 Jan 2016

Pink Lumber-Chic


This is what I think Lumber-chic Barbie would wear! Cute light-washed skinny jeans, a sweet white and grey gingham blouse, a Barbie-pink sweater and an ivory quilted-vest! If she has to wield and axe and stack logs, then she's going to look cute while doing it! I have to admit that I've stacked my fair share of wood during my childhood, but never had the upper body strength to lift my father's log-splitting axe... I was not afraid to work a little, but I never wore my good clothes. I'd just wear some of my dad or brothers' work clothes. Splitting and stacking wood is messy business, I mean wood chips and tree sap all over the place! This is why I say today's outfit would be Barbie's look. It's cute and looks the part: but in reality, it would not cut it!

Jeans: Old Navy | Sweater: Old Navy | Shirt: Smart Set | Quilted vest: Old Navy | Earrings: Smart Set | Coat: ELFE | Scarf: Lululemon | Tuque: Anarchy Gallery | Boots: Henri Pierre

18 Jan 2016

Faux-Furry LBD

In today's winter look, I dressed down an LBD for the office. This dress is actually sleeveless, I am wearing a thin long-sleeved t-shirt underneath to add coverage. It's a simple trick to get more wear out of your summer dresses during the colder months. I threw on a two-toned faux-fur vest to make it cozy and finished off with a multi-strand pearl statement necklace. This look is perfect for keeping you warm while working at your desk, but can also make you boardroom ready in a flash! In case of an impromptu meeting, simply shed the vest and you are perfectly presentable. Outfits and garments that serve dual purposes are true life-savers!

Dress: Smart Set | Long-sleeve t-shirt: Smart Set | Faux-Fur Vest: Forever 21 | Tights: Hudson's Bay | Earrings: Smart Set | Necklace: ebay | Coat: ELFE | Scarf: Elisa G. | Headband: Anarchy Gallery | Booties: Blondo

17 Jan 2016

Distressed Camel

It was a cold one today, hence the double scarfing technique! I kid, but I often find myself doubling up on scarves in the winter: one to go with the inside look and one to keep me protected from the elements! I grabbed a chunky cable-knit sweater in camel today and paired it with my desert-wash distressed jeans. The lace scarf and pendant earrings were a couple feminine touches to soften the look, although it is tempting to go full-on frumpy on frigid mornings. I had to resist the urge to pile on all my thickest garments before braving Mother Nature...

Jeans: Banana Republic | Sweater: Old Navy | Lace Scarf: Smart Set | Earrings: Aldo (gift) | Coat: Lululemon | Blanket Scarf: Zara | Mittens: Sarich's Source for Sports | Boots: Henri Pierre

16 Jan 2016

Cozy Lavender

Here I go again with the skinny jeans, sweater and socks. When something isn't broken, why fix it? This look has worked for so long that it's become part of my signature style. A comfortable, practice and cute style. I can live with that! I chose a pallet of beige and lavender. There was something serene and calming about the look. Maybe it was the plushness of the scarf, or the subtle lace detailing of the sweater that put me in a zen state of mind. Whatever it was, I ended up being very relaxed!

Jeans: Old Navy | Sweater: RW&CO | Scarf: RW&CO | Socks: Giant Tiger

15 Jan 2016

Weekend Nautical

Here is another take on my go-to "weekend uniform". I call this one my winter nautical look. I chose a navy Breton stripped top and wore it with white skinny jeans and white cable knit over-the-knee socks. The knit pattern of the socks reminds me of the heavy ropes used on ships. Navy, white and gold accents make up the essential elements of any nautical look, I simply transitioned it for the winter season.

Jeans: Old Navy | Top: H&M | Socks: Mukluk | Earrings: Aldo (gift)

14 Jan 2016

TBT - Golden Tartan

This look really brings me back to fall. I'm loving the warm tones of this outfit. I had paired my navy and forest green tartan skirt with a muted mustard top. I added a gold filigree necklace to pick up on the hardware of the skirt and finished off with navy bow pumps. The final result is a simple, classic and timeless look. Sometimes, simple lines and clean cuts really make the outfit!

Skirt: Suzy Shier | Top: Smart Set | Necklace: Dynamite | Earrings: Northern Reflections | Shoes: ABS by Allan Schwarts

13 Jan 2016

Five Shades of Grey

I'm in a monochromatic mood today... literally! I chose a colour, and that's as far as my outfit planning went. Light grey skinnies, a shimmer grey sweater and a grey faux-fur vest come together in perfect harmony. Hard not to look good when all the garments are in different shades of the same colour. I kept the trend going for the outside look with grey coat, boots and tuque. This is definitely a safe way to go if you are not feeling very creative or are in a rush to get out the door. Pick a colour, and run with it!

Jeans: Dynamite | Sweater: RW&CO | Faux-fur vest: Dynamite | Earrings: Aldo (gift) | Scarf: Old Navy | Coat: Lululemon | Tuque: Chapters Indigo (gift) | Boots: Henri Pierre

12 Jan 2016

Distressed Bling

Casual bling. It's a thing. I like glamming up my knitwear with shiny baubles. The bling dresses up the casual elements and, in turn, the casual elements tone down the bling. Never underestimate the power of accessories! Good accessorizing can bring an outfit to an entirely new level, without requiring too much effort. The best part is that great accessories are worth investing in because they will most likely always fit! When you have a great arsenal of accessories at your disposal, there is not need for a never-ending wardrobe, as looks are easily changed or elevated by simply adding interesting elements. They are the icing on the cake, and who doesn't like icing?

Jeans: Banana Republic | Sweater: Smart Set | Necklace: RW&CO | Earrings: Smart Set | Socks: Old Navy | Scarf: Aldo | Headband: Anarchy Gallery | Coat: ELFE | Boots: Bare  Traps

11 Jan 2016

Boss Lady

Today's look is inspired by menswear. I chose simple black trousers and paired them with a neck-tie blouse and sweater vest.  I like wearing a tie (and actually know how to tie it myself) every now and then, and do not care one bit how it might be perceived. I realize the necktie is doused in varying symbolism, but I simply see it as a fashionable accessory, no baggage attached! Get out of your comfort zone and let yourself be inspired by what men wear. It can be fun to try on someone else's style for size!

Pants: Smart Set | Blouse: Dynamite (gift) | Sweater Vest: Smart Set | Earrings: (gift) | Coat: Via Spiga | Scarf: Saachi | Mittens: (handmade gift) | Tuque: Anarchy Gallery | Booties: Blondo

10 Jan 2016

Wild Mustard

Would you like some mustard with that leopard? Why, yes I would! Mustard yellow is one of my favourite colours. It's bright, but rich all at the same time. I paired my mustard jeans with a chambray shirt and leopard cardigan. I am wild about the resulting outfit! It's unexpected, but the combinations of colours and textures totally works. I stuck with ivory and brown for my outside look and loved its neutral-ness in comparison to the inside outfit, which was less tame!

Jeans: Second Yoga Jeans | Shirt: Old Navy | Cardigan: Jacob | Earrings: Don't Ask | Coat: Esprit | Faux-fur stole: Zara | Headband: Dynamite | Mittens: Sarich's Source for Sports | Boots: Henri Pierre