31 Mar 2016

TBT - Navy Fur Real

Wow, the pairing of an ivory lace blouse with a beige faux-fur stole is giving off some major vintage vibes! I like it! I really liked the turn of the 19th century fashions (think Downton Abbey and Anne of Green Gables). I love how extravagant some of the fashions were! There were lots of textural elements in the form of lace, fur, silk, feathers and pearls. This look is my take on a modern-vintage monochromatic look! The cuts and shapes of the garments are modern, while some elements are reminiscent of vintage styles. A little trick I used here is that I pinned the stole's ribbons to the inside of a blazer. I creatively combined two pieces to make a new one!

Skirt: Smart Set | Blouse: Forever 21 | Blazer: Smart Set | Faux-fur stole: RW&CO | Earrings: Northern Reflections | Tights: Old Navy | Booties: Very Volatile

30 Mar 2016

Purple Punch

You can never go wrong with a classic pencil skirt. This one has a draping effect on the front that adds interest. I paired it with a simple white bateau top and a silver pendant. Since I went fairly conservative for the top half of the look, I figured I'd spice things up for the lower half! I added some punchy purple tights and metallic booties. Conservative looks don't have to be boring! One thing to avoid however is matching your tights to your coat... This was not planned and I only realized it on my way out the door! I took monochromatic to a whole new level, and I'm not proud of it! This fashion faux-pas gave off some major Barney the dinosaur vibes... Note to self: avoid pairing these tights with this coat in the future.

Skirt: Smart Set | Top: Old Navy | Necklace: Jacob | Earrings: A Touch of Whimsy | Tights: Old Navy | Coat: ELFE | Scarf: Dynamite | Booties: Zara

29 Mar 2016

Dapper Dress

This look is a broad interpretation of the female version of Jay Gatsby. It has "dapper" written all over it! I paired my favourite neck-tie blouse with a peplum jacket and tweed shorts with tights. Neck-ties, collared shirts, structured jackets and tweed are all elements found in polished menswear. I simply incorporated all of the above-stated elements in a more feminine look. The peplum adds flair and defines the waist, while the neck-tie blouse is a softer version of a shirt and tie. The tweed shorts with tights are a fun twist on classic trousers. I feel Jay Gatsby would approve my take on feminine menswear. What do you say, old sport?

Shorts: Old Navy | Blouse: Banana Republic | Jacket: H&M | Tights: Jockey | Earrings: Callura | Coat: Le Château | Scarf: Dynamite | Booties: Sergio Bari

28 Mar 2016


Saying goodbye is never easy. Unfortunately, it is part of the circle of life and, therefore, unavoidable. I recently attended a service for my partner's dear friend and colleague who departed tragically. I feel grief is particularly hard in those circumstances, as it is unexpected. Those left behind have no time to prepare emotionally and must brave the aftermath, sometimes without closure. Saying goodbye is not easy, but I would always rather have the opportunity to do so. Personally, I feel closure helps me cope with grief and I could not imagine loosing someone without having the chance to say farewell. My heart goes out to the family, friends and colleagues in this time of sorrow. 

Dressing to attend a service is not an easy task either. One wants to hit the right notes of formality and respect. I tend to reach for black, as it is the traditional colour of mourning. I chose to also add navy blue to my palette as a way to make the outfit a little less stern. I stuck with classic, modest lines and added touches of personal flair, without overdoing it. A high neckline, a tailored coat, nylons and simple pumps were my go-to options. There is a happy medium to find between dressing appropriately without sacrificing personal style. However, it is important to remember you are there to pay your respects and not be the center of attention.

Dress: Smart Set | Belt: Call it Spring | Earrings: Fifth Avenue Collection | Bracelet: Pandora | Coat: H&M | Clutch: Ricki's | Shoes: Michael Antonio

27 Mar 2016

Easter Hoppenings!

I am actually having a pretty low-key Easter. My big plans are to stay home and catch-up on house cleaning... I know, egg-citing, right? Growing up, I always looked forward to the Easter-egg hunt as I am a huge chocoholic... Coming from a large family, the hunt was always a big affair! As I don't have children, and my niece and nephew are still too young for the activity, I sort of miss it. My partner did however surprise me with my very own egg-hunt a few years back and it was the best thing ever! I woke up early to use the washroom and spotted an egg on the vanity. I didn't think much of it at first, as I was still half-asleep, but after spotting a second egg, excitement took over! So there I was, up at the crack of dawn, hunting for chocolate eggs! The best part was that the loot was entirely for me, no splitting between the siblings! I am still very much a kid at heart and it is the little things that mean the most. I was genuinely surprised and I think that made the whole thing even more fun than if I had expected it!

Now for the look. I wore this outfit earlier this week, I love mixing pastels with grey. The contrast is softer against grey than it is against black and allows for the colours to pop in a subtle way. Even though we got snow this week, I feel like Easter is the point where it is officially spring-wardrobe time! I'm busting out the colours, the florals and the flowy dresses!

Jeans: Dynamite | Shirt: La Vie en Rose | Cardigan: Joe Fresh | Earrings: Pandora | Necklace: ebay | Scarf: Dynamite | Coat: ELFE | Booties: You by Crocs

26 Mar 2016

Bling, Bling, Hello?

This is my not-so-casual Friday look! I kept things very simple with black skinny jeans and a black turtleneck, then added some extreme bling! I opted for grey suede heels to pick up on the silver of the necklace. For the outside look, I decided on my pink leather jacket and a grey and ivory blanket scarf. The air is still a bit nippy, but I decided to be brave and go barefoot in my shoes! I am that optimistic that spring is here to stay (and that it will not rain today...). I like the pop of pastel against the dark outfit. I wanted to infuse a bit of Easter flavour in my look without going full on floral!

Jeans: Banana Republic | Turtle neck: RW&CO | Necklace: Stunning | Earrings: Roots | Jacket: Smart Set | Scarf: Old Navy | Shoes: Vince Camuto

25 Mar 2016

Not a Green Thumb

A colourful take on the monochromatic look. Springtime makes me think of all the green plants that will start to grow. Our world will come alive again with bright blooms, lush lawns and dense tree canopies. In today's outfit, I decided to embody the multitude of greens that will soon make an appearance! My palette includes Kelly green and mint. I tried to feature a few different shades of the green spectrum. I chose the tear-drop necklace, as it reminds me of rain drops, and we all know that plants need water to grow, and there has been no lack of rain lately! (April showers, anyone?) I also decided on the brown booties to represent the earth from which these plants will grow! Now, I might be able to apply the concepts of the plant growth cycle in an outfit, but I sadly lack the ability to actually grow anything. Unfortunately, I did not inherit my grand-father's green thumb!

Jeans: Old Navy | Tank top: Old Navy | Blazer: Dynamite | Necklace: ebay | Earrings: H&M | Bracelet: Pandora | Booties: Very Volatile

24 Mar 2016

TBT - High-Low My Darling

Seeing, as there will most likely still be snow on the ground for Easter, I figured I'd feature a potential Easter outfit today. I love the feminine, delicate features of this dress. The pastel floral, the high-low hem and the frilled neckline are elements that add sweetness to the look. I had paired the dress with a green cropped cardigan, a beige bow waist belt and yellow and tan wedge sandals. This would make a perfect look for egg hunting or attending church. I only wish I had a tan like that during Easter, but seeing as I only tan naturally, I never get this kind of colouring in early spring!

Dress: Dynamite | Belt: Jacob | Cardigan: Old Navy | Necklace: Beyond the Rack | Earrings: Aldo Accessories | Sandals: Anne Michelle

23 Mar 2016


Step up your little black dress game with a little black leather dress (LBLD)! I've been wanting to add a black leather dress to my wardrobe for some time now and knew I'd found "the one" when I saw it! I had been eyeing it for a couple months, but was a hesitant as it was a bit pricey. I'm so happy I held out because I ended up purchasing it at 50% off! It's not real leather, but let me tell you, it sure feels like it! The best part: it fits like a glove! I know this is one of those investment pieces that I will have for years to come. It's a timeless colour, in a timeless shape and timeless finish. Will a black, A-line leather dress ever be outdated? I think not!

Dress: Banana Republic | Cardigan: Old Navy | Necklace: J.Crew Factory | Earrings: Smart Set | Tights: Jockey | Coat: Steve Madden | Scarf: Elegant Style | Booties: You by Crocs

22 Mar 2016

Colour Pop

How does one brighten a dull day? With a pop of colour, of course! I added this really bright orange sweater to my black and white outfit and it really infused it with a dose cheerfulness. I also added interest with Dalmation-print pumps, just to keep the fun-factor on point! I like tucking in my blouses, but I also like the casual feel an un-tucked blouse can give an outfit. This was a fun, don't-take-it-too-seriously look! It sure brought me a bit of sunshine on a rainy day. With spring on its way, rain has been very present in the forecast. Beat the rainy-day blues by adding bright colours to your looks!

Blouse: Banana Republic | Sweater: Old Navy | Skirt: Smart Set | Earrings: Claire's | Bracelet: Pandora | Tights: Hudson's Bay | Shoes: Ivanka Trump

21 Mar 2016

Vest Friend

I clearly cannot get enough of this sleeveless blazer lately... I've worn it here, here and here! I think it's safe to say it has become my vest friend! It has proven itself to be a very dependable and versatile piece. Like I've mentioned before, a sleeveless blazer is the perfect layering garment as it is not too bulky, nor too hot, but adds dimension to a look without overshadowing the base layer. I went with a full-on monochromatic look today and felt it was fitting for the grey skies and rainy weather. I did opt for a touch of colour with the burgundy accessories, but the deep shade complements the look perfectly as it is not too loud. Sometimes, Mondays call for basic looks without too much fireworks...

Pants: Banana Republic | Turtle Neck: RW&CO | Sleeveless Blazer: Dynamite | Earrings: X Crystal | Scarf: (gift) | Hat: (souvenir) | Coat: Steve Madden | Boots: NY VIP

20 Mar 2016


My mother was in town, attending a conference the other day, and we went to an improvisation show by the franco-ontarian group Improtéine. We had a great evening and laughed our little butts off! These guys sure put on a great show, and what's really cool is that they feed off the audience, so no two shows are the same! I definitely recommend this group and I would not hesitate to go see another of their shows! Now, let's talk outfit. I was inspired by the improv notion, and decided to style my outfit with a bit of everything! Plaid, stripes, fringe, fur, bling and everything in between. I actually like the end result! It's a fun look that is both interesting and functional. Some would say this outfit is too much, and has gone too far. To those people, I say: live a little! You can have your cake and eat it too! Just pick your moments!

Jeans: Smart Set | Top: Garage | Shirt: Aéropostale | Quilted Vest: Zara | Necklace: ebay | Earrings: Callura | Scarf: Dynamite | Hat: Reitmans | Coat: H&M | Purse: H&M (other colour) | Booties: Very Volatile

19 Mar 2016

Thinking Outside the Box

Who doesn't like a good old black and white graphic print? This dress speaks to me! It's edgy (pun intended), bold, yet a traditional shape. This little number is a great way to infuse some fun patterns in your (sometimes boring) office appropriate clothes! Since it's form fitting, I added my trusty sleeveless blazer (big surprise...) to downplay that factor and belted it at the waist as to not lose the shape completely. This look can also have a dual purpose. Just shed the blazer and you are ready for cocktail hour! This outfit is stylish, work appropriate and fun enough to go out in. It's a win-win-win!

Dress: Suzy Shier | Sleeveless Blazer: Dynamite | Belt: H&M | Earrings: (gift) | Bracelet: Pandora | Tights: Jockey | Coat: Steve Madden | Scarf: Saachi | Booties: Sergio Bari

18 Mar 2016

Head-Turning Accessory

The sun is shining and it's making me happy! So happy in fact, that I decided today was the day to debut my statement piece of statement pieces! Get a load of this beauty! It was a birthday gift from my partner this year, and let me tell you, he nailed it! Does he know me or what? The obvious starting off point of this look was the necklace and I wanted to make sure it was featured in all its glory! I opted for a simple black shift dress and decided to take the look in the edgy territory by adding leopard burnout tights, metallic booties and ombre lips! I am totally digging the end result! I feel like I can take on anything the day throws my way. One thing's for sure, you can't miss the pièce de résistance!

Dress: Old Navy | Tights: Dynamite | Necklace: Stunning (gift) | Earrings: Aldo (gift) | Coat: H&M | Scarf: (gift) | Booties: Zara

17 Mar 2016

TBT - Luck o' the Irish

Happy St-Patty's Day!

It seems all special holidays fall on Thursday's this year... I therefore dug through my throwback pictures to find an outfit with green in it. I'll admit the blazer is more on the teal side, but the lace shirt is definitely forest green! I paired the tops with my trusty black skinny jeans and camel boots. I decided to wear a skin-coloured camisole to really showcase the lace shirt over top. This look is giving me major Riverdance vibes! The lace, the different shades and green and the black bottoms are all elements found in the Riverdance costumes. I would know, because ever since I was about eight, I've been a huge Riverdance/Lord of the Dance/Feet of Flames fan. I'm what you would call a closet-tapper! I've recently started taking tap class again after a ten year hiatus and could not be happier hoofin' it!

Jeans: Banana Republic | Camisole: Old Navy | Lace top: Dynamite | Blazer: Forever 21 | Earrings: Smart Set | Bracelet: Pandora | Boots: Yoki

16 Mar 2016

Grey Scale

A fresh early-springtime look. I'm kind of having a leather moment right now and decided on the white leather midi skirt. I paired it with a light grey honeycomb knit sweater, a silver belt, silver and white bib necklace and grey OTK boots. I'm loving the white and grey/silver combination. The look has a certain freshness that is getting me in the mood for more springtime fashions. Mother Nature is shedding her blanket of snow and glittering icicles to make way for the lush greens and bright blooms of spring. With Easter just around the corner, I'm itching to wear some pastels and floral prints!

Skirt: Reitmans | Sweater: Old Navy | Necklace: ebay | Earrings: Old Navy | Belt: RW&CO | Scarf: Saachi | Purse: H&M | Coat: Plastic | Boots: Aldo

15 Mar 2016

Leather Pleasure

I busted out the leather pants today! They had been cooped up in my closet for a little while and when I spotted them, I got the urge to wear them again! Surprising as it might seem, I find my leather pants to be quite comfortable and warm. Although these are not real leather, I find them more breathable than some of my other fake leather pants. They are thick and well constructed, which makes me feel at ease wearing them without feeling like I need to cover my bum in case of sheerness exposure... There is something about leather pants that makes me feel sexy! Even if I wear them in a casual outfit, they put a spring in my step! I guess it's a similar feeling one gets when wearing sexy undergarments. It's like a little secret weapon that makes us feel extra feminine and sultry! When you are having a blah day, slip into some leather pants. I promise, it will perk you right up!

Pants: Zara | Top: RW&CO | Sleeveless Blazer: Dynamite | Earrings: Smart Set | Necklace: (old) | Coat: Marika | Scarf: (gift) | Socks: Old Navy | Booties: Blondo

14 Mar 2016

Casual Dinner Date

I was feeling a little under the weather and was fighting a cold when I wore this outfit. We had been invited over to a cousin's for dinner and the plans had been made weeks in advance. It was on a Saturday, so I made it a point of napping in the afternoon, so that I would have enough energy for the evening. I also wanted to make sure I wore something equally presentable and comfortable. I therefore reached for my trusty Pixie pants and added a lace blouse and shimmer sweater. I feel I nailed the preppy-chic look! The blouse is more formal, but by adding a sweater over top, I toned down that aspect, while still allowing for a bit of the flair to peek through. Topped off with a layered necklace and fur-trimmed booties and I was ready for an evening of great food, fun Jenga games and plenty of belly laughs!

Pants: Old Navy | Blouse: Forever 21 | Sweater: H&M (gift) | Necklaces: Dynamite | Earrings: Northern Reflections | Booties: Very Volatile

13 Mar 2016

Spring-ing Forward

Don't forget to set forward your clocks today! When daylight savings begins, it's a sure sign that spring is here! I get excited whenever the seasons change, but I feel the transition from winter to spring is the most drastic, therefore makes me more giddy! I might have gotten a little carried away at the first sign of nice weather and reached for these bright printed shorts! It's obviously still too cold for shorts, so I decided to pair them with equally bright turquoise tights. Not wanting to go overboard, I opted to wear my white cropped eyelash sweater and fur-trimmed booties. I feel like this outfit hits the perfect notes between winter and spring! 

Short: J.Crew Factory | Sweater: Smart Set | Camisole: Smart Set | Tights: Old Navy | Pendant: Reitmans | Earrings: Old Navy | Booties: Very Volatile

12 Mar 2016

Denim and Blues

This is no ordinary jeans and white blouse combination! I chose printed jeans and a sheer V-neck blouse. The pattern of the jeans reminds me of cute mosaic tiling and I feel this is a classic pattern that will always be in style. The blouse is loose and flowy and its fit is effortless. It looks like an outfit that can be thrown on in a jiffy, but looks like it took more effort than it really did. By adding a string of pearls, I simply gave the look a more elegant and timeless feel. Even classic combinations can get simple updates to make them feel new again!

Jeans: H&M | Camisole: Smart Set | Blouse: Dynamite | Earrings: Smart Set | Pearls: Smart Set | Coat: RW&CO | Scarf: Old Navy | Boots: Henri Pierre