31 Oct 2015

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

Boo! Halloween is here, so get creative and dress up! Dressing up does not have to be complicated, most of my outfits are usually found right in my closet. Something as simple as dressing in thematic colours can often do the trick. If you work in a corporate environment, sometimes costumes are not permitted, but you could surely wear black and orange. Today's outfit is a classy take on dressing up for Halloween. I simply chose a black top with and orange skirt and wore my fishnet tights. For the outside look, I wore my black dress cape and a skull-print scarf. All of these elements were already in my closet. All I had to do was think about it for a split second before coming up with the look. I took it one step further by adding a lace mask. It's fun and chic all at the same time and makes you look costume-y in a split second! A very simple outfit pulled together quickly to celebrate the holiday in style! Go on, sometimes it only takes a small effort to be the life (or death) of the party!

Skirt: J.Crew Factory Tights: Joe Fresh | Top: (old) | Earrings: Aldo Accessories | Necklace: Dynamite | Scarf: Dynamite Mask: Dynamite | Cape: Zara | Booties: Sergio Bari

30 Oct 2015

Ain't Nothin' But a Hounds Tooth

You don't get much more traditional than a black and white hounds tooth print. Today I paired my ivory turtle neck sweater dress with my little hounds tooth pea coat. I added a very subtle polka dot print tight to the mix and a black and grey statement necklace. I topped it all off with a black floppy hat and suede booties. This is the perfect example of playing with proportions. Who says that your coat has to be longer than your dress? I broke the mold and completely love it! This coat layers perfectly with this dress because you see the dress from every perspective. The peter-pan collar of the coat allow for the turtle neck to show and the 3/4 sleeves allow for the sleeves to peek through. It's a perfect layering technique for those not-too-cold-for-a-full-blown-coat-yet days but perfectly-chilly-for-a-cute-layer days!

Dress: Old Navy Tights: The Bay | Necklace: Le Chic | Earrings: (gift) | Pea Coat: Limité | Hat: Nordstrom | Booties: Sergio Bari

29 Oct 2015

TBT - Blooming Chartreuse

A colourful bouquet of flowers is enough to brighten even the dullest days. I recall wearing this outfit on a rainy spring day. I did not let the weather get me down and chose to wear a floral skirt with bright accessories! Chartreuse, turquoise and navy are all present in the print. I feel the navy top grounds the look and does not make it feel to summery. The goal was to hint at better weather coming soon, without going full blown summertime bright! I must be patient and let spring run its course...

Skirt: Ricki's Top: Zara | Cardigan: Old Navy | Pearls: (gift) | Earrings: Delezhen | Sandals: Payless Shoe Source

28 Oct 2015

Cognac and Quilted Vest

I present to you my fall take on the nautical look! I chose a navy and white striped Breton top and paired it with a beige quilted vest and cognac jeans, boots and hat. The beige replaces the white and the cognac shade replaces the traditional red. The whole look has a warmer feel to it and the colours blend more with one another than those of the traditional trio. Boots, floppy hats and quilted vests are fall staples in my closet. I have multiples of each and cannot wear them enough! You can't go wrong when pairing all of the above to get a classic fall outfit.

Jeans: Old Navy Top: H&M | Quilted Vest: Old Navy| Earrings: Old Navy | Hat: Old Navy | Boots: Yoki

27 Oct 2015

Cozy Day-Trip Attire

Day trips are part of my regular routine. My partner loves exploring local areas and we make a whole day out of it. Since I would be in and out of the car all day, I chose to wear a cape instead of a jacket as it would be a more versatile layer. I paired my super comfortable pixie pants with a tunic sweater and lace-up oxfords. Taking in the sights in our local area is always a great way to spend a weekend. There is no need to spend bundles on vacations when stay-cations are just as much fun!

Pants: Old Navy (other colour) | Sweater: Jacob | Cape: Dynamite | Earrings: H&M |  Shoes: Bamboo

26 Oct 2015

Overall Polka Dot Print

A true country girl most definitely owns a pair of overalls! I opted for a sleeker pair. I chose a black, skinny leg, sip-front version that has a modern feel. Today, I paired them with a black and beige polka dot blouse and added a multi-strand pearl necklace to the mix. The outside look comprised of my trusty trench, a cognac floppy hat and black suede booties. To me, this felt like a quintessentially fall look. A modern twist on a classic garment!

Overalls: Zara Blouse: Jacob | Belt: Smart Set | Hat: Old Navy | Earrings: H&M | Necklace: ebay | Coat: Steve Madden | Booties: Sergio Bari

25 Oct 2015

It's Snowing in my Mind

Gray and white polka dots immediately make me think of the grey skies on a snowy winter day! I love winter! I wore my white sleeveless blazer with my shirt dress because I wanted to add a layer, but did not want to cover up too much of the print. This is another reason I find the sleeveless blazer so easy to style. It adds to your outfit without compromising another element. I chose to belt the blazer to give my look more shape, seeing as a shirt dress is very loose-fitting and the blazer amplified that feature too much for my liking. I chose to wear my favourite over-the-knee boots because the combination of the grey and the length of the dress was too perfect to pass up! As much as this look makes me long for winter, it would most definitely not cut it as a look to be worn during actual winter. The boots and dress are not nearly as warm as they would need to be for me to survive -35 degrees!

Dress: Old Navy Sleeveless Blazer: Dynamite | Belt: Dynamite | Tights: Old Navy | Earrings: A Touch of Whimsy | Socks: Old Navy | Boots: Aldo

24 Oct 2015

Scarf and Socks

Some days, the only criteria when getting dressed is comfort. Today was one of those days! Leggings and a knit tunic is a go-to comfortable combination. I added the scarf and calf-socks to tszuj it up a bit. Comfortable does not have to be boring. I made sure the outfit was cohesive by pairing colours that were found in the scarf. I like to say this outfit was created by following the KISS method: Keep It Simply Styled! ;)

Pants: Dynamite Tunic: La Classe Couture | Scarf: Old Navy | Earrings: Callura | Socks: Old Navy | Boots: Yoki

23 Oct 2015

Mod for Patterns

Here is an outfit that exemplifies timeless dressing. This dress is very mod, from the geometric pattern to the black and white. I paired it with a sleeveless blazer, which happens to be in this season. There is no need to fear pairing old and new to create something totally unique. No matter where, or when, you got your inspiration, go ahead and bring the 60's to 2015! Even my choice of boots has a slight go-go vibe about it... Hey, when I pick a theme, I run with it!

Dress: Tahari | Sleeveless Blazer: Dynamite (other colour) | Tights: Old Navy | Earrings: RW&CO | Necklace: Smart Set | Boots: Call it Spring

22 Oct 2015

TBT - Boho Feels

This outfit is as neutral as it gets! White jeans, beige cami and ivory crochet top. I chose to accessorize with black and hints of gold to add a bit of pop to the look. This outfit speaks to me, it says that sometimes, less is more. On a side-note, I was having a great hair day and the waves help in giving the look a boho feel. Peace, love and harmony!

Pants: Old Navy Camisole: Old Navy | Top: Garage | Bracelet: (gift) | Earrings: Dynamite | Sandals: Carrini 

21 Oct 2015

Thankful for Leggings

Thanksgiving dinner calls for one precise bit of attire, very stretchy pants! Leggings are clearly the front runner in this department. Since I was having a low-key family affair, leggings was my go-to option. I paired my simple black leggings with a beige top, black calf socks, a red plaid scarf and my trusty fox slippers! I also wore my wood earrings, because they reminded me to be thankful for the smaller, meaningful things in life. I sure was glad for my choice of outfit as, by the end of dinner, I felt just as the turkey did a few moments prior...

Pants: Dynamite Top: Dynamite | Scarf: Joe Fresh | Earrings: (bespoke gift) | Socks: MukLuk | Slippers: (gift)

20 Oct 2015

Cape Addict

I have a confession to make, I'm addicted to capes... Glad I got that off my chest! Today's cape is an extra special one as it is reversible! Yes, it means that it is that much more versatile than my other capes. This jewel tone plaid print is the perfect jumping-off point for an outfit. I let the cape do all the talking and kept the rest of the outfit very simple. I did a colour block with colours found in the print (ie: teal, grey and purple). It was the perfect cozy fall outfit!

Cords: Old Navy (other colour) | Shirt: Old navy (other colour) | Cape: RW&CO | Earrings: Smart Set | Booties: Payless Shoe Source

19 Oct 2015

Leather Mini

"Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?"

I did not see it when putting this outfit together, but when I looked in the mirror, it immediately made me think of Disney's Pocahontas. I actually quite like it! This cape is one of my favourite additions this season. It goes with almost everything and I feel it gives each outfit a whole new dimension. The combination of brown suede booties, a leather mini, a leaf pendant necklace, braids and wooden earrings give an at-one-with-nature vibe to the outfit. The country girl looks make an appearance every once in a while. I cannot deny it, it is part of who I am! My earrings are a recent gift from my partner. He took old broken branches from a lilac tree in our backyard and whittled them into cute little earrings that he then varnished. They are absolutely beautiful and unique. The best part is that they were made exclusively for me. Gifts from the heart always mean so much more!

Skirt: Dynamite | Shirt: Dynamite | Cape: Dynamite | Earrings: (bespoke gift) | Necklace: ZAD | Tights: Old Navy | Booties: Sergio Bari

18 Oct 2015

Blue Blocking

This sweatshirt sure takes the guess work out of colour blocking! It comes pre-blocked! Naturally, I paired it with my cobalt jeans and my fan necklace in the same shades of blue. Since I paired a statement necklace with a statement top, I had to keep the rest of the outfit low-key. This would be my take on a fancy version of a Smurf outfit. It would be known as Glamour Smurfette's look! I was definitely feeling blue today, but only literally!

Jeans: Smart Set | Shirt: Joe Fresh | Necklace: ebay | Earrings: Northern Reflections | Flats: Old Navy (other colour)

17 Oct 2015

Well Draped

This outfit screams sophistication and old Hollywood glamour! I wore a simple black sheath dress and paired it with black lace tights and burgundy booties, necklace and gloves. I added my fancy floppy hat to complete the outside look. A neutral backdrop really lets the statement pieces do all the talking! One thing's for sure, these little booties were doing all the walkin'!

Dress: Old Navy | Necklace: Dynamite| Tights: Old Navy | Earrings: H&M | Cape: Zara | Hat: Marshalls | Gloves: Old Navy |Booties: Zara

16 Oct 2015

Fierce in Faux-Fur

I've been wearing shorts with tights for ages now. It's one for my favourite tricks to getting more wear out of my shorts. Although these Polynesian-print shorts are very summery, I was inspired to pair them with sheer black tights, a rust coloured top and a black faux-fur vest. I accessorized with a multi-strand pearl necklace and black suede booties. I needed a jacket for my outside layer, but was hard-pressed to find one that would accommodate the bulk of the vest. I had an aha moment and decided to wear the vest over my jacket. Why not? It gives the jacket an entirely new look, while being extremely practical. This look felt both sophisticated and cutting-edge!

Shorts: J. Crew | Shirt: Old Navy (other colour) | Faux-fur vest: Dynamite | Earrings: Claire's | Necklace: ebay | Jacket: Zara | Booties: Sergio Bari

15 Oct 2015

TBT - Wild Blue

This outfit is a perfect example of how to wear animal print to the office. I wore a deep navy trouser with navy belt and shoes. I chose a lighter shade of blue for the blouse and added a leopard-print cardigan as the statement piece. The deep blue elements of the outfit help to ground the look, while the lighter shade allows for the statement piece to shine in the best way possible. When done in a tasteful and classic way, animal prints can be appropriate office wear.

Pants: Jacob | Top: Jacob | Cardigan: Jacob | Necklace: Smart Set |  Earrings: Northern Reflections | Belt: Old Navy | Shoes: ABS by Allen Schwarts

14 Oct 2015

Nautical Mini

My oh my do I have a thing for nautical looks! I chose to wear my long-sleeve navy Breton striped top with a navy flounce mini skirt. I added a blingy statement necklace and picked up on one of the colours with the shoes. A pop of red is always a good idea! Since the temperature is steadily dropping, I consistently need outerwear. I chose my structured navy coat and my red scarf. I simply could not pass up the opportunity of wearing the perfectly matching scarf and shoes!

Skirt: Smart Set | Top: H&M | Necklace: Zara |  Earrings: Smart Set | Coat: H&M | Flats: Bamboo

13 Oct 2015

Navy Plaid

I'm loving minis right now and, in my book, the best print ever for a mini is plaid. I chose to match my navy and forest green skirt with my lace-sleeve navy top. Since the zippers on the skirt are gold, I accessorized with gold necklaces, earrings and bracelet. I also threw my gold sequin flats into the mix! I dug out my deep green cardicoat purchased a few years ago to wear as my as my outside layer. The chunky knit is perfect for the in-between seasons. This look was both preppy and cozy!

Skirt: Suzy Shier | Top: Zara | Necklaces: Dynamite | Bracelet: Fame Accessories | Earrings: H&M | Cardicoat: Old Navy | Flats: Old Navy

12 Oct 2015

That 70's Mimi

The 70's fashions are having a comeback recently and I wanted in on the fun! I dug out my old bell-bottom jeans from the bins of stored clothing under my bed. I tend to store key pieces. Sometimes it pays off to hang onto things, they just might have a second life in them. You can imagine the excitement I felt when I saw that flared jeans were having a moment and that I did not have to buy a new pair. Wearing actual vintage is always better than buying new imitations! I figured I'd go all-out 70's for today's look. A red flannel plaid shirt, a wide brown belt, camel platform sandals, a camel felt floppy hat, a black cropped military style blazer and, of course, a faux-fur vest! I felt like I belonged in Eric Forman's basement, yapping away with Jackie!

Jeans: Old Navy (old) | Shirt: Old Navy (other colour) | Blazer: (gift) | Vest: Forever 21 | Earrings: Smart Set | Belt: Old Navy | Hat: Old Navy | Necklace: H&M | Sandals: Bucco

11 Oct 2015

Sleeveless Blazer

The sleeveless blazer/jacket is a hot item right now! It's a chic twist on a closet staple and can be styled in endless ways. I opted for a dressed-down look today by pairing my white sleeveless blazer with black skinny jeans, a grey shirt and a mutlicoloured scarf. The entire outfit is more grey-scale and that allows for the white to really pop against the subdued background. The scarf adds a touch of interest to the look and is a great add-on to any outfit as the temperature drops. This new closet-staple of mine will sure come in handy when layering plenty of fall/winter looks. You get the same feel and structure of a blazer, but without the bulk of thick sleeves! I'm French and speak with my hands a lot, so I like for my arms to be free to flail about!

Jeans: Banana Republic | Shirt: Old navy (other colour) | Blazer: Dynamite | Earrings: Callura | Scarf: (gift) | Flats: Old Navy (other colour)

10 Oct 2015

Yarn Blooms

Yarn and flowers...not a usual combination, but who cares? It's nice to combine unexpected elements in an outfit. Although it is fall, I love the spring-time feel of these blooms! I did tone it down a bit by pairing the pants with a grey t-shirt and knit-vest. Even though I'm wearing a t-shirt, the vest warms up the look and gives it a cozy there's-a-chill-in-the-air vibe. For my outside look, I chose a big-collar pea coat in the same shade of grey as the other tops. The bottom of the look was cheery and colourful and the top half was more subdued and neutral. I guess this outfit is a bit of a mash-up between spring and fall and could be the result of a confused Mother Nature sending us bizarre weather forecasts!

Pants: Sunset Hues T-shirt: Smart Set | Vest: Anarchy Gallery | Earrings: (old) | Coat: Northern Reflections | Flats: Cupid

9 Oct 2015

Plain White T

Sometimes, the simplest looks are the best! Today's look was a take on the plain white T. I added a grey military-style blazer, flared jeans and a pendant necklace. I sprinkled a bit of glam to the look with the metallic toe-cap flats. This look was perfect for a dressed-down Friday followed by an evening concert in the park. I love when outfits work for more than one occasion and can take you from the office to a night out!

As some of you might have noticed, I changed up my hair! I opted to chop off a lot of the length and try out the lob. I also went with a darker base colour and had a soft caramel balayage done to the tips. I was due for a change, and figured fall was a great time to go for it! Shout out to my sister from Liaisons Hair Studios for the awesome new do! I can always trust her judgment and creativity when it comes to changing up my look.

Pants: American Eagle Blazer: Smart Set | Shirt: Old Navy | Earrings: A Touch of Whimsy | Necklace: Jacob | Flats: Old Navy

8 Oct 2015

TBT - 3 for the Win

Today's outfit is brought to you by the number 3! This is my take on the black and white outfit with a little bling. Seeing as my favourite number is 3, I could not pass up this cute sequined top. I know it's a bit quirky, but I like that it makes people ask questions! Other than by wearing sport's jerseys, how often does one get to flaunt their favourite number? I am not a jersey wearer, so I thought this glammed up, more feminine version would do the trick. I paired it with a gold polka dot cardigan and black bottoms. I had to make sure my number was on full display!

Jeans: Yoga Jeans Shirt: Smart Set | Earrings: Smart Set | Cardigan: Jacob | Boots: Bare Traps

7 Oct 2015

Mad for Plaid

I have a thing for patterned pants and for plaid prints. When I saw a garment that combined both of those elements, I flipped! I opted for the more neutral combination of colours in the print because I wanted to get the most wear possible out of my pants (they came in different colours). I'm very happy with them. The only thing really bugging me is the fact that the print was not matched at the seams. I get very anal about my prints not matching up well. That's what I get for buying them online. I did not have the luxury of picking the pair that was better matched. Looking out for good print matching in a garment is an age-old trick taught to me by my mom. She really has an eye for that! It helps that she often makes clothes, so understands the importance of matching the prints! I was beyond excited to wear my new pants, as they arrived just in time for fall! I paired them with brown suede booties and belt, along with an off-white blazer and sky-blue tank. The brown was selected to bring the look into fall while the blue was selected as a last hurrah to summer. It's a great transition look!

Pants: Old Navy (other colourTop: Banana Republic | Blazer: H&M | Earrings: Smart Set | Belt: (Old) | Booties: Sergio Bari

6 Oct 2015

Leopard Audrey

I took a page out of Audrey's book today! She was known for her simple, understated elegance. I remember seeing pictures of her in a simple black turtle neck, black ankle pants and pointed black flats. I chose to wear a boat neck shirt, black brocade ankle pants and leopard pointed-toe flats. I added a leopard print scarf, floppy hat and leather jacket to go outside. I stayed true to the essence of the Audrey image, but added my own flair with a bit of leopard and leather. Classic styles are classic for a reason, they can be worn throughout time and remain relevant. I get inspired by past icons and add my own twists to the inspirations to create updated versions of the looks. Have a go at recreating one of your style icon's looks while making it your own!

Pants: Jacob | Top: Old Navy (other colour) | Coat: Zara | Hat: Old Navy | Earrings: (gift) | Scarf: Saachi | Flats: Lollipop

5 Oct 2015

Lace Pixie

I clearly have a thing for Old Navy Pixie Pants. They are extremely comfortable and come in an array of colours and patterns. These are my go-to staple of late. I adore the whimsy of subtle polka dots and the elegance of lace. I mashed-up fun and quirky with class and sophistication.  To continue the duality theme I wore bright red flats (fun) and double pearl earring (class). Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? This outfit can take you from dinner to the carnival! What more could a girl ask for?

Pants: Old Navy Top: H&M | Earrings: A Touch of Whimsy | Camisole: Smart Set |Flats: Bamboo

4 Oct 2015

Burgundy and Me

Burgundy is a special colour to me as it was one of the school colours of both my high school and university. It is also very close to the colour of my birthstone. I naturally gravitate to it. This outfit has a quadruple dose of burgundy. The t-shirt, the necklace, the pants and the sweater are all in this fetish shade. What makes this work however is the different textures each piece brings to the outfit. The pants are printed in an intricate geometric pattern, the t-shirt has a dolphin hem of georgette, the necklace adds a bit of sheen and the sweater is a much deeper shade that anchors the look. I opted for little gold flats to pick up on the hardware of the necklace and on a more subtle colour found in the pant. Monochromatic does not have to be boring or all black!

Pants: Old Navy (other colour) Shirt: Dynamite | Sweater: Lululemon | Earrings: Dynamite| Necklace: Dynamite| Flats: Old Navy

3 Oct 2015

Robin's Egg Lace

Is there anything more comfortable and cozy than wearing a cape? I mean, it is basically a large blanket one wraps around oneself to keep warm. Perfect for those dark fall mornings when it is hard to drag yourself out of bed because the sun isn't even up yet. By throwing a cape over my shoulders, I feel like I am sort of still bundled up in bed. It's a win-win situation: stay cozy all while being on the go. I love this neutral oversized plaid print. By sticking with a neutral palette, the cape will go with more outfits and by picking a plaid pattern, it remains classic and timeless. Today's outfit is made up of a mix of textures and colours. I chose a lace crochet top and paired it with a knitted cape. I also opted for a pastel jean to break up the neutral tones, without clashing with them. It was a perfect outfit for a fall day, when the morning is chillier than the afternoon and layers are a must to be neither too hot, not too cold.

Jeans: Garage Top: Garage | Camisole: Old Navy | Cape: Dynamite | Earrings: Ricki's | Shoes: Chase and Chloe

2 Oct 2015

Soft Autumn

Perfectly pretty printed pants. Soft pants are the best invention since sliced bread! They are sooo comfortable, it's hard to believe they are meant for day wear. I fell in love with this pair from the moment I first laid eyes on them. They are the most fitting print for fall. The earth tones and wilting flowers are picture perfect. I really kept the theme going with a beige Henley and mustard camisole. I opted for taupe suede flats to keep with the overall feel of the look. I added my refurbished skeleton key pendant to add just the right amount of vintage charm. I can just picture myself walking on the sidewalk with the leaves crunching under my feet!

Pants: Old Navy Camisole: Old Navy (other colour) | Shirt: Dynamite | Earrings: Don't Ask | Necklace: Victoire Boutique | Flats: Old Navy