31 Mar 2017

Belle Blue

I had absolutely no plans other than to go see the new Beauty and the Beast movie on the 18th. I had made plans with a friend to go long before the vacation. I was glad when the day finally came! Plus it was a great excuse to leave the house for a bit and actually put an outfit together. I was inspired by Belle's blue dress and decided to wear a light blue cardigan over a white camisole to mimic the first dress in the movie. It is not as sartorial as some of my other character-inspired looks, but it's not bad for being the first real outfit in a while. On a side note, I absolutely loved every bit of the movie and am very pleased with this Disney remake. As one of my all-time favourites (it's tied with The Little Mermaid), I am so relieved that my love for the story will endure! It brought me back to my childhood days and rekindled my affection for this movie! This tale as old as time truly is enchanting!

Jeans: Zara | Camisole: Dynamite | Cardigan: J. Crew Factory | Earrings: Old | Flats: Zara

30 Mar 2017

TBT - Stunning Sapphire

I thought I'd dig up a past springtime look for today's post. I had worn my black mini skirt with sheer tights and a sapphire peplum top. I added a fancy waist belt for extra definition and a pop of pink with the necklace. The final touch was black pointed flats to elongate the leg. I had actually also draped a sapphire and pink pashmina around my shoulders in the morning, as there was a slight chill in the air. Naturally, by mid-day it was too warm for it. This is a trick I often us in the spring because it can be a little tricky getting dressed just right for the weather.

Top: (old) | Skirt: Smart Set | Belt: Call it Spring | Necklace: Claire's | Earrings: (old) | Bracelet: Pandora | Tights: Hudson's Bay | Flats: Payless Shoe Source

29 Mar 2017

Feelin' Foxy

So this look is basically the exact same as yesterday's except for the actual items. Black leggings and a striped shirt layered underneath an animal graphic-print sweater... Yeah, clearly my outfit planning was as lazy as it gets! Not sure what to wear and will be doing pretty much the same thing as the day before? Then wear the same thing! No creativity or effort needed! I think it's safe to say my mind is more focused on getting stuff done than on looking fab. I do however think this sweater is foxy! ;)

Sweater: Ricki's | Shirt: Smart Set | Leggings: Lululemon

28 Mar 2017

Puppy Stripes

Ricki's has the cutest graphic sweaters! They are also the perfect thickness for layering. Although it is starting to get nicer out, I'm not convinced spring is here just yet. I predict more snow at some point... That's why my sweater-wearing puppy sweater is still totally weather-appropriate! It also matched with my red and white striped top. I know I've been wearing this top a lot lately, but it is the one on top of the shirt box, so it is the easiest one to grab. With no bedroom furniture, my current clothes sorting system is one made of multiple boxes lined up against the bedroom wall... It might not be glamorous, but it serves a purpose!

Sweater: Ricki's | Shirt: Dynamite | Leggings: Dynamite

27 Mar 2017

Lazy Layers

While the vacation was great, and I fully disconnected and recharged, it does come to an end. For us, that meant straight back to a reality of unpacking and construction. As I mentioned before, the house was not entirely complete when we moved in. The day after we got back, the stair railing was being installed. This meant a lot of sawdust! My priority that morning was purchasing a vacuum. With a never-ending list of things to get for the home (including all furniture), it's hard to know where to start. The dust made that decision an easy one. Getting a vacuum became my top priority! Thank goodness I had my mom around to help out, it made those few days following the vacation a little more bearable. It was also nice spending quality time with her. I haven't seen much of her since the fire and I'm so grateful she took part of her March break to lend me a hand. Her presence was the best gift she could have given me. Mommies are the best! I am also thankful for my weekend uniform formula. It might not be the weekend, but the next few days were spent in comfortable and functional clothing. This busy lady lived in sweaters, leggings and fuzzy slippers!

Shirt: George | Sweater: George | Leggings: Lululemon | Socks: Old Navy

26 Mar 2017

Vacation - That's a Wrap

So today's post is all about the Africana-print Trina Turk cover-up. How gorgeous is this beauty? The colours, the pattern, the tassels, I love it all! I'm sure it took some of you no time at all to realize it is a perfect match to the one-piece swimsuit of the first look... That is not an accident. I loved the print so much I got the matching set! My partner thinks it's a little much to wear them together, but I totally disagree. They are a match made in heaven and as far as beach-side statements go, this one is as bold as they come! The other great thing is that the cover-up can be mixed and matched with so many other swimsuits in my collection. It literally has every colour of the rainbow on it, so yes, it goes with a lot! I'm a colour fan, and the beach is the perfect setting to wear those really bright hues! I can't wait for summer now just so I can wear this cover-up again! I hope you've enjoyed my vacation posts. This is the last one for now. It's back to reality for me...

Look 1:
Cover-up: Trina Turk | Swimsuit: Trina Turk | Sunglasses: BP. (Nordstrom) | Earrings: Delezhen | Sandals: Old Navy

Look 2:
Cover-up: Trina Turk | Swimsuit: La Vie en Rose | Earrings: Thomas Sabo | Necklace: Dynamite | Sunglasses: BP. (Nordstrom) | Bag: Old Navy | Sandals: Old Navy

Look 3:
Cover-up: Trina Turk | Swimsuit: H&M | Earrings: Claire's | Sunglasses: BP. (Nordstrom) | Necklace: Dynamite | Sandals: Old Navy

25 Mar 2017

Vacation - Pink Ombre Ruana

No vacation would be complete without plenty of beach looks! I typically pack a different swimsuit for everyday, but this year, I tried something different. I only packed four swimsuits and two cover-ups. I figured I'd mix and match my swimwear to keep things simple. This technique allows me to wear each individual item more than once without actually repeating an outfit. In today's post, I feature the looks I've worn with my pink  ombre ruana. I really like this open-concept cover-up. By that I mean one that does not have to be put on over one's head. This jacket style is much more convenient to wear, plus it allows the swimsuit to be seen too. I like for my colourful suits to be front and centre! 

Cover-up: Ricki's | Swimsuit: H&M | Hat: Gap | Sunglasses: BP. (Nordstrom) | Earrings: Claire's | Bag: Old Navy

Look 2:
Cover-up: Ricki's | Swimsuit: La Vie en Rose | Hat: Gap | Earrings: Thomas Sabo

Look 3:
Cover-up: Ricki's | Swimsuit: Trina Turk | Sunglasses: BP. (Nordstrom) | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Necklace: Dynamite | Sandals: Old Navy

24 Mar 2017

Vacation - Casual Vibes

When on a resort trip, I typically get dressed (by that I mean in something other than beachwear or evening wear) for breakfast or other little activities around the resort. This time around, I packed a couple pairs of distressed denim shorts and built outfits from there. I mixed and matched pastel printed top and neutral shoes to complete these effortless looks. True to myself, I brought a couple stripe-variation tops... I have a soft spot for stripes and they are the perfect, timeless touch to any look! I kept it simple. To me that is what being on vacation is all about! I do all of my packing and outfit planning ahead of time and save them on my phone. That way, it takes all the guessing out of getting dressed for the day. A quick glance at my phone and I have a variety of outfits to choose from. I always end up styling more looks than I end up wearing, but that is kind of the point. I need options too, I can't possibly imagine every circumstance ahead of time. Seeing as I pack in more of a capsule-wardrobe format, I always end up wearing everything I brought. The trick is that I planned extra outfits from the small selection of clothing. Minimal packing for maximal options. Makes sense?

Look 1:

Top: Banana Republic | Shorts: American Eagle | Necklace: Smart Set | Earrings: Delezhen | Sandals: Old Navy

Look 2:

Shorts: Old Navy | Top: Old Navy | Earrings: Callura | Sunglasses: BP. (Nordstrom) | Clutch: Sal & Jo's (Winners) | Sandals: Zara

Look 3:

Shorts: American Eagle | T-shirt: Dynamite | Belt: Old Navy | Necklace: Dynamite | Earrings: Thomas Sabo | Sunglasses: BP. (Nordstrom) | Hat: Gap | Clutch: Dynamite | Sandals: Zara

Look 4:

Shorts: American Eagle | Top: Banana Republic | Necklace: Smart Set | Earrings: Thomas Sabo | Bracelet: Banana Republic | Flats: Breckelle's

23 Mar 2017

Vacation - Slice of Paradise

I found the cutest tree with big hearts in it! Naturally, I frolicked around it like I was in a magical garden. Yes, I had a total unicorn moment... That's what happens when I'm on holidays and fully relaxed, my true colours shine through! Today's look was also a bit unusual as I wore my swimsuit cover-up as part of my outfit. Why not? The pink matched the watermelon print of the tank perfectly! Add on the usual hat, shades and flip flops and there you have it, a perfect whimsical look!

Shorts: Old Navy | Top: RW&CO | Belt: Old Navy | Ruana: Ricki's | Hat: Gap | Earrings: H&M | Necklace: Dynamite | Sunglasses: BP. (Nordstrom) | Sandals: Old Navy

22 Mar 2017

Vacation - White Hot Denim

One of the most practical things I packed was my white denim jacket. I try to bring at least one outer-layer for the colder nights. A denim jacket is not too bulky and is easy to style. I opted for the white one, as I felt it went well with my pastel colour palette this trip. I ended up wearing it three time. The first time was for a bit of shopping in the boutiques on the resort, which tend to be well air-conditioned, so the extra layer was perfect for keeping chills at bay. The second time, I draped it over my shoulders for a dinner with friends. I was wearing a sleeveless romper and wanted to makes sure I had something to cover my shoulders should I get cold at some point during the evening. We tend to eat later on vacation, so usually the beaming daytime sun makes way to the cooler evening breeze. Finally, I wore my jacket on the way back to the airport on our last day. I usually only change into my "winter" clothes once at the airport. Long pants and multiple layers are not practical to wear in the tropical weather. It's just a trick I find to be more practical. I actually ended up wearing my jacket underneath my sweater in the plane... It made for a bulkier outfit, but it was nice and cozy to nap in! So there you have it, the full breakdown of all the occasions during which a denim jacket came in handy!

Look 1:
Jacket: Old Navy | T-shirt: Dynamite | Shorts: Old Navy | | Earrings: Claire's | Sunglasses: BP. (Nordstrom) |Necklace: Dynamite | Belt: Dynamite | Hat: Gap | Sandals: Old Navy 

Look 2:
Romper: Dynamite | Belt: Old Navy | Jacket: Old Navy | Earrings: Aldo | Necklace: Magnolia | Clutch: Dynamite | Flats: Breckelle's

Look 3:
Top: Old Navy | Jacket: Old Navy | Shorts: American Eagle | Sandals: Old Navy

21 Mar 2017

Vacation - Maximum Flare

Maxi dresses are perfect resort wear. They are comfortable and, even better, they tend to be flowy. This is a great feature as it does not stick to you in the hot, humid tropical weather. This particular one has a fabulous birds of paradise print, which is oh so perfect for the setting. I dressed it up with heel and a clutch for dinner, but could have easily worn it with flats to breakfast or over a swimsuit for a seaside beach walk. This dress would be perfect for so many occasions on vacation, it is a definite top pick of mine! Meghan Markle did not disappoint with this dress! I hope she does more capsule collections in collaboration with Reitmans. This dress is an all-time favourite of mine. Styling it is as easy-breezy as its vibe!

Dress: Meghan Markle Collection for Reitmans | Earrings: Swarovski | Cuff: Banana Republic | Clutch: Dynamite | Sandals: Banana Republic 

20 Mar 2017

Vacation - Bold Blush

We had a reservation at one of the fancier restaurants tonight, so I decided to bust out the sexy maxi. Don't let its sweet blush colour fool you, this little number oozes sensuality. The double thigh slits and the waist cut-out don't leave much to the imagination. The skintight fit also put my Kardashian-like booty on display. Full-disclosure, I had to be careful in the wind with this dress, but was able to avoid any mishaps. I tried to tone down the dress with a sensible beige cardigan, but I don't think it did much. This number is hot, hot, hot!

Dress: Dynamite | Cardigan: Jacob | Necklaces: Dynamite | Earrings: RW&CO | Clutch: Dynamite | Sandals: Banana Republic

19 Mar 2017

Vacation - Double Floral Romper

Resort life is THE life! I get to dress up for dinner every night, it's like date-night all week! I love an excuse to break out the fancy clothes and resort vacations are the perfect setting. It's also really nice to get to wear some of my favourite summer pieces in the dead of winter... If I could bring my entire summer wardrobe, I would. Sadly, I am constrained by the luggage limits. Instead of giving up on style completely, I see it as a challenge to pack as efficiently as possible and really think about the versatility of what I pack. A romper is a no-brainer to pack seeing as it can be dressed up for dinner, but is still so comfortable that it feels like you are wearing something casual. Plus, it is way better than a dress in that see-side breeze... I ended up wearing it to dinner twice! I simply switched out the shoes and the the hair. I apologize in advance for the less than done-up dos. The humidity did a number on my hair and I was unable to tame the mane... I was on vacation so big hair, don't care!  

Romper: Dynamite | Clutch: Dynamite | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Lace-up Sandals: Zara | Ankle-strap Sandals: Banana Republic

18 Mar 2017

Vacation - Travel Look

After the year I've had, I am in dire need of a vacation! We usually escape the cold of winter for a week every year and decided we were not going to skip the trip this year, even if it meant leaving a month or so later than we normally do. Seeing as building projects never seem to be on schedule, it was still cutting it close with the delayed trip time-frame. Thankfully, the building was advanced enough to allow us to move in a couple days before leaving. We literally moved our (very limited) stuff, packed a suitcase and took off. I'll deal with the settling-in part later. Now that we are at least in the house, I can fully relax and unwind for the first time since August. I always try to be systematic and practical with my travel outfits and this time is no different. Early plain travel means I need comfortable layers to transition well from a cold climate to a warm one. I kept it simple with a super soft graphic tee, a bralette, a knit cardigan, stretchy jeans, a scarf and running shoes. The monochromatic palette fit the bill. I didn't have to overthink it, seeing as I was pressed for time in the outfit-planning department this time around. Plus the digging through endless boxes of clothing to try and find the pieces I was looking for ate into my already very limited time.

Jeans: Zara | Shirt: RW&CO | Sweater: Ricki's | Scarf: Lululemon | Socks: Mukluk | Shoes: Zara