31 Jan 2017

Fur and Fractals

I've been wearing a lot of varying shades of blue, purple and grey as of late. I guess this palette is not revolutionary in the dead of winter... My partner referred to me as the "Ice Queen" when he saw my look today. You know what, he does have a point. With my newly blond hair, I definitely get slight Elsa vibes in this outfit. Sure, she doesn't wear fur, but it would obviously be cold enough for some fuzzy layers in her ice castle. I really like adding faux-fur colars to my outfits. They add a touch of luxuriousness, and what girl doesn't like to feel like royalty? I also like their versatility. Elevate your simple look with one easy add-on! I'll admit it is a bit on the bold side of style, but if you have the confidence to wear one. Go for it!

Dress: Dynamite | Cardigan: J. Crew Factory | Faux-fur collar: Sole Society (Nordstrom) | Earrings: RW&CO | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Tights: Betsy Johnson | Coat: RW&CO | Boots: Henri Pierre  

30 Jan 2017

Snow Deer

This heart-sweater is made cuter by the addition of bejeweled antlers! It's simply precious! The baby blue hue and the white heart really make me think of winter in the country. Even though I now live in the big city, I will always be a country girl at heart. My daddy's daughter through and through! When I wear this sweater, it brings me back to my roots. Pairing this sweet sweater with a fun print and a lace-trimmed cami gives it an edgier vibe. Ok, not full-on edgy, but it sure adds interest to an otherwise very tame and soft sweater. Do you have a piece of clothing that makes you think of home?

Jeans: H&M | Camisole: Garage | Sweater: RW&CO | Earrings: A Touch of Whimsy | Coat: RW&CO | Scarf: Old Navy | Boots: Henri Pierre

29 Jan 2017

I Hues You

Purple is, and has always been, by favourite colour. It is by far my hue of choice! I decided not to stray too far off with the colour of the cardigan, to give my look a certain synchronicity! I figured burgundy and plum were chummy enough shades to get along in the same outfit! The necklace really helps pull it all together. I opted for muted grey tights and boots to finish things off. It doesn't hurt that both shades are found in the scarf too. Sometimes you just need one item to kick things off!

Dress: Jacob | Cardigan: BP. (Nordstrom) (other colour) | Necklace: Ricki's | Earrings: Callura | Tights: Old Navy | Coat: Lululemon | Scarf: Dynamite | Boots: Henri Pierre

28 Jan 2017

Seafoam Shopping

My weekends are increasingly busy these days... Today, we were on a mission to find legs for our live-edge table top. We ended up in the most amazing little furniture shop and fell in love with practically all of its contents. We were lucky enough to check a few things off our list: including stools, table legs, artwork and a couple chairs. We did not set out to purchase chairs and décor, but could not resist it seeing as the pieces were perfect for our new home. I really want to be in the house and get a feel for the spaces before shopping for furniture. At least now we will have a couple chairs to sit as soon as we move in. So stools, a couple chairs and a mattress will pretty much be it furniture wise. It'll be like camping for a little while... I'm ok with that, I like camping! After some pretty intense shopping, we met up with my mom and her gang for lunch, followed by some more shopping later on. I'm happy I chose to wear a really comfortable tunic sweater and jeans. Today happened to be a lot busier than I had anticipated... It feels good to have a productive day once in a while.

Sweater: Ricki's | Jeans: Dynamite | Earrings: Callura

27 Jan 2017

Lady of London

I've never been across the pond, but I do have a penchant for all things British... I'm not sure where this interest stems from, but I like the royals, the history, the architecture and the country side. I'm an also a die-hard Corrie fan! I watch it every single day and don't miss an episode. It's my weakness. Naturally, I had to purchase the graphic tee that says "Let's meet in London", right? Then I went a little extreme on the colour palette and let myself be inspired by the Union Jack. This is one bold colour-blocked look! My desire to visit England was subtle, eh?

Jeans: Smart Set | T-shirt: Smart Set | Cardigan: Zara | Earrings: Thomas Sabo (True Bijoux) | Scarf: Dynamite | Coat: RW&CO | Booties: Blondo

26 Jan 2017

TBT - Beige Bundle

Have a cute lace summer dress? Not sure how to wear it all year round? Well, look no further than today's outfit! By adding warm layers in the same colour palette, you can create a very cozy look with your lace dress. I added tights, a cardigan, a fur stole, a belt and booties in varying shades of grey, taupe and beige to create a soft but warm winter look. I really like wearing grey monochromatic looks, even in winter. The palette really speaks to the natural colours of the season. How would you adapt a lace summer dress for winter wearing?

Dress: Gabby Skye | Cardigan: Jacob | Belt: Smart Set | Earrings: Smart Set | Faux-fur Snood: RW&CO | Tights: Old Navy | Booties: Very Volatile

25 Jan 2017

Purple Knit

Tunic sweaters are great! The length makes them warmer, as they cover your bum. I don't know about you guys, but I don't enjoy freezing my derrière off when waiting for the bus... This type of sweater really helps on those extra cold days. Plus, they look great paired with more fitted bottoms (leggings especially, seeing as your tush is covered). I opted for a fun printed pant that picks up on the purple of the sweater. The finishing touch is a knotted string of pearls. They instantly elevate the otherwise very casual look. Pearls really do make an outfit, no matter the dress code! When in doubt, wear pearls!

Pants: Banana Republic | Sweater: Dynamite | Pearls: Smart Set | Earrings: Callura | Booties: Blondo

24 Jan 2017

Fur-get me Dot

I apologize for the doubly punny title today... It was just too perfect not to use it! I also took out the red pants again. Turns out my little December experiment made me realize just how much I like wearing red! These pants sure are getting a lot of wear... I then figured you can't go wrong with a polka-dot sweater and fuzzy faux-fur vest. The colour and print of the sweater make me think of snowflakes on a cloudy day, which is appropriate considering the season. The vest and the fuzzy boots complement each other perfectly. This outfit is the quintessential Canadian girl's winter outfit of the day!

Pants: Old Navy | Sweater: J. Crew Factory | Faux-Fur Vest: Dynamite | Earrings: Old Navy | Boots: Bare Traps

23 Jan 2017

Manic Monday


Another Monday morning... I have to say, I've been increasingly tired and stressed out lately. The renovation deadline for the house keeps being pushed back and there is more and more to do in the lead-up to moving day. I am up to my eyeballs in paint swatches and fixture options. So many decisions, so little time! Going on month 6 since the fire, I have to say, my energy levels are dwindling. The constant stress really takes its toll after a while. I don't think I will be able to breathe until we actually move in. But it won't be over yet. After the move, we're going to have to go furniture shopping. The plus side is that I will be able to do that on my own schedule and at my own speed. Let's just say today was one of those days. I had a hard time getting out of bed and once I did, the whirlwind began. I'm happy I chose to wear leggings, a soft shirt and a big cocoon sweater. All I wanted to do was crawl back into bed... I realize this is the home stretch, but some days are harder than others. I'm dealing with it the best I can, and keep telling myself we're almost there. Thank goodness for my tap classes on Mondays. I really needed to do something I enjoy to try and release some of the stress!

Leggings: Lululemon | Shirt: Old Navy | Camisole: Joe Fresh | Sweater: Dynamite | Earrings: Aldo (gift) | Boots: Henri Pierre

22 Jan 2017

Cold Shoulder

Just because it's winter, doesn't mean you can't set your shoulders free every now and then. We are having slightly milder temperatures lately, so I decided to wear my really old ivory off-the-shoulder sweater. The massive neck can be worn so many ways! It can be worn as a cowl neck, off one shoulder or off both! Choose whatever suits your mood. I really love this sweater because it keeps me nice and warm, but the open neckline really helps when you get just a little too warm. I also just wrap it around my neck under my coat when I go outside and doubles as a scarf. It's a really awesome sweater, no wonder I've hung onto it for all these years...

Jeans: Zara | Sweater: Dynamite (old) | Earrings: Smart Set | Coat: Esprit | Boots: Henri Pierre

21 Jan 2017

Fur Things First

So I decided to go full-on bombshell! A blond bombshell that is. My hair transformation is complete! It took a while, and had to be done in a couple appointments because it required major colour-correction (technical term used by my stylist). After a few rounds of foils, bleach and treatments, my new shade is here! I'm really loving the blond from root to tip. I'd done variations of blond shades before, but never my entire head. I like it! New year, new hair! And a big shout-out to my sister at Liaisons Hair Studios for working her magic on my tragic hair situation! She literally performed a miracle! I tell you, her eye for detail and her artistic flair are unmatched! Book your appointments now! (This is not a sponsored post, I just really love this place.)

Jeans: Dynamite | Top: Old Navy | Faux-Fur Vest: Dynamite | Earrings: Callura | Coat: Lululemon | Scarf: Old Navy | Mittens: (old) | Boots: Henri Pierre

20 Jan 2017

Mini Bling

Paired a mini skirt with some major bling today. Why not? A little bit of that and a whole lot of something else. I like mixing proportions and that translated to accessories as well! I also decided to match my lipstick shade to my top. Burgundy is such a nice lip colour and I love wearing darker lipsticks in winter. I really like this look, a classic winter look in my book. You really can't go wrong with a plaid wool-skirt. It will likely always be a winter-worthy style. Do any of you have wool skirts? Maybe it's just a Mimi thing...

Skirt: Smart Set | Top: Ricki's | Necklace: RW&CO | Earrings: Old Navy | Tights: Old Navy | Socks: Old Navy | Booties: Blondo

19 Jan 2017

TBT - Animal Instincts

When the urge to wear animal print hits, you must run with it! I was sort of going for the classic 1940s shape and lines in this look. The pencil skirt, the ruffled top, the sheer tights and t-strap heels all remind me of the 40s. What brings this outfit into our times is the bold leopard print and front slit on the skirt, along with chandelier earrings and an oh-so trendy top knot! From which era do you seek style inspiration?

Skirt: Zara | Top: (old) | Belt: Elisa G. | Earrings: Aldo | Bracelet: Pandora | Tights: Hudson's Bay | Shoes: Call it Spring

18 Jan 2017

Plaid About You

There is nothing better than when my mom makes me clothes. For as long as I can remember, she's made me clothing. I even recall walking in a fashion show with her that featured us in matching mother-daughter creations... We have it on tape and it is priceless! I clearly was not into it, and would do the bare minimum to just get it over with. My mom was a good sport thought and didn't let my moodiness spoil her own fun. She'd leave me standing in the middle of the runway while she would walk to the end, pose, twirl, etc. and collect me on her way back! I did not cry, or have a fit, I was just unfazed by the whole thing. That attitude would be in complete contrast to the one I'd have today, should I get the opportunity again. Needless to say, I always enjoyed wearing the clothes she made me and is the one person I still turn to when I want something I simply can't find. That was the case a few years ago when I was looking for a red plaid skirt. I was just not finding one I liked. I therefore asked my mom if she could make me one. We went to Fabricland (a favourite of hers) and found the perfect tartan fabric. I now have my bespoke skirt and could not be happier with it! It's made to measure and my mom is pro at matching the pattern! She even lined it for me and hid the button closures. I will be hanging on to this piece for years to come!

Skirt: (handmade by mom) | Sweater: Banana Republic | Necklace: J. Crew | Earrings: RW&CO | Tights: Old Navy | Socks: Old Navy | Booties: Blondo

17 Jan 2017

Prints and Textures

You know when two colours are so similar it looks like they might actually be the same? This was the case today with my plum velvet pants and burgundy silk camisole. I know the colours are distinct but the sheen provided by the textures really accentuates their similarity. The velvet and silk add even more richness to the hues and prompted me to wear them together. I added interest with a leopard print cardigan and necklace. The shades of brown go well with the deep plum and burgundy. I'm not 100% pleased with this look, but it was perfectly acceptable for a Monday! Outfits don't always turn out the same in person as they do in my head when I style them. You win some, you lose some. But, fashion is a journey and this look is but one stop along the way!

Camisole: Dynamite | Cardigan: Jacob | Pants: Old Navy | Earrings: Banana Republic | Necklace: J. Crew | Scarf: Dynamite | Mittens: Dynamite | Coat: Lululemon | Boots: Henri Pierre

16 Jan 2017

Feeling Blue

I was actually down with a nasty cold at the beginning of the month and felt poorly on this day. I figured blue represented my mood well. I obviously went with my usual weekend-uniform because it's my go-to comfy combo on any given weekend. I did not feel like thinking too hard or reinventing the wheel... Really, the only reason I got dressed was to go to get medication and chicken soup. I was back in my PJs the minute I got home. Distressed denim with blue layers is a fool-proof combination. You really can't go wrong with mixing shades of blue.

Jeans: Smart Set | Tank: Joe Fresh | Sweater: Old Navy | Socks: Old Navy