31 Jul 2015

Camp it Out

Have I mentioned that I’m country girl who simply lives in the city? Well this girl is going back to her roots: in the bush! I just love camping and make it a point to go at least once a year. There is something to be said about spending time outdoors and reconnecting with nature. It kind of makes you realize what place you hold in the grand scheme of things. We are but specs of dust in the universe... 

Enough philosophy for one day, back to the task at hand. I wore comfortable shorts and t-shirt with flip-flops and a hat. Not creative by any stretch, but practical. When it comes to camping, I stick with my older, tried and true garments. I wear things I'm not afraid to damage or get dirty. Let's be realistic, the bugs and wilderness will not care what you wear. This is a place were simply looking the part will not cut it. So leave the designer garbs safely in your closet and don't be afraid of getting your hands dirty! Also, don't forget your little furry friends! Mine simply love spending time outdoors and barking at every little thing that moves...including twigs!

Shorts: Old NavyT-shirt: Closet Romantic | Hat: Dynamite | Flip flops: Crocs

30 Jul 2015

TBT - Christening

The colour blue goes hand in hand with sweet baby boys. That is why I opted for this colour to attend my cousin's baby's christening. I chose a navy wrap dress and paired it with a baby blue cardigan. It was winter, so layers were a must! I kept the accessories simple with bow pumps and silver jewelry. Sweet, delicate and church appropriate!

Dress: Jacob Cardigan: Nancy Yang | Necklace: ebay | Bracelet: (old) | Earrings:  Northern Reflections | Shoes: ABS by Allen Schwarts

29 Jul 2015

Sweet Sorbet Maxi

This dress instantly transports me to the cobbles of Italy. I can just see myself strolling along the street, taking in the sights, with a sweet gelato in hand! The colours, the print and the cut of this maxi dress are all so soft and light. It can easily be dressed up or down. The versatility of this piece makes it the perfect dress to pack on vacation. Plus, if this is your jumping-off piece for your packing list, the colour palette it provides will be perfect for a trip in the sun. Just add items in shades of mint, ivory, light pink, peach and navy and you'll have very cohesive travel looks!

Dress: RW&CO Bolero: Reitmans | Necklace: H&M | Earrings: Callura | Sandals: Payless

28 Jul 2015

Waves of Blue

Today's outfit reminds me of strolling on the beach. Some of the pieces remind me of waves and sea glass. The layered flow of the top is reminiscent of waves washing up on shore while the touches of coral glisten in the light similar to the way the sun reflects off bits of sea glass. The pattern of the pant brings to mind the reflections often seen on the water. Specs of different shades of blue glitter on the mirrored water's surface. Ah, peace and serenity! What more could one want?

Top: DexPants: DKNYC | Belt: Old Navy | Earrings: H&M | Sandals: Bamboo | Necklace: Olivia Welles

27 Jul 2015

Chevron Dress

Rainbow bright! This dress screams summer. The mix of colours is electrifying and the chevron print is so playful. The asymmetric hem adds a touch of unexpectedness to an otherwise simply cut dress. I paired the dress with a colourful necklace that picks up on some of the more subtle colours found in the print and a pair of nude wedges. The crisscross of the wedge sort of mimics the chevron pattern. It's a perfect look for a hot summer day, not to mention it works for both day and night! 

Dress: Dex | Necklace: J.Crew Factory | Bracelet: Pandora | Earrings: Callura | Sandals: I.N.C. International

26 Jul 2015

Dinner in a Romper

Rompers made a recent come-back and I couldn't be happier! One-piece outfits are the best, not to mention fuss-free to style. Rompers were my all-time favourite things to wear as a kid (and jelly shoes, of course). My mom used to make me the cutest one-piece outfits with really poufy pant legs (reminiscent of those worn by Princess Jasmine in Aladdin) and she could not get me out of them! Comfort at its best! They feel and look like a dress, but are way more functional (i.e. wind gust friendly). I absolutely fell head over heels for this blush pink bustier/skort combination romper. So cute, and forgiving. It also comes with removable straps for those days you don't want to fret over having to hike the top all the time. Although, this one is armed with a nice anti-slip grip. I paired it with a darker pink skinny belt and my trusty floral blazer, to keep the evening chills at bay. I threw on nude lace-up heels to elongate the leg as well as gorgeous chandelier earrings and I was all set for a nice birthday dinner celebration!

Romper: Dynamite Blazer: RW&CO | Belt: Jacob | Earrings: Zara | Sandals: Refresh

25 Jul 2015

Pretty in Purple

 Purple is my signature colour! When I was a young girl, my mom used to make me really cute sundresses. I've been hooked on them ever since! Obviously, when I found this dress, I was instantly sold. There are at least five different shades of purple in the print and the fit-and-flare shape is ideal for my body type. I wore this outfit to a BBQ and, on my way out the door, my honey said that I looked barbe-cute! ;)

Dress: Sears Necklace: Zone | Bracelet: (flea market) | Earrings: Smart Set | Flats: Breckelle's

24 Jul 2015

Natural Beauty

 Pure neutral! Lace dresses are clearly a staple in my wardrobe. This one is a simple beige lace overlay dress, but has an interesting neckline, which is what drew me to it. I like pieces that have a little something unique. I thought I'd keep things simple and understated by pairing the dress with neutral accessories and gold touches. Besides, with a nice tan, this dress is gorgeous on it own! 

Dress: Gabby Skye Belt: Dynamite | Bracelet: Pandora | Earrings: Olivia Welles | Sandals: Refresh

23 Jul 2015

TBT - Time Warp

"It's just a jump to the left.
And then a step to the right.
With your hands on your hips.
You bring your knees in tight." 

I've always been a fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, so when I learned one of my friends was playing the role of Rocky in a stage adaptation, I knew I had to attend! If there ever was a show to dress up to go see, it would be Rocky Horror. I was not going to pass up that opportunity! Instead of dressing up as a specific character, I went for a general Rocky vibe. A black bustier was a must, as well as a bit of read and definitely pearls! I chose brocade shorts to add a bit of interest and finished with sheer black seamed tights and black suede booties. Overall, it was more on the modest side for a Rocky inspired outfit, but I feel the sexy touches came through nonetheless.

Blazer: DynamiteShorts: Smart Set | Necklace: Smart Set | Belt: Sarich's Source for Sports | Bustier: Dynamite | Booties: Sergio Bari |  Earrings: (gift) | Tights: Sculptz

22 Jul 2015

Geometric Proportions

This top reminds me of art class back in high school. The brush-stroke pattern is whimsical. I paired the top with a flared midi-skirt. Fun meets conservative! Again, I've showed you how to make a black and white outfit anything but boring! It is also a well-proportioned outfit, meaning that I paired a crop top with a high-waisted garment. I feel this would be a perfect outfit for an art teacher or it would be along the lines of something Miss Frizzle would wear...

Skirt: Banana Republic Top: Zara | Bracelet: Pandora | Shoes: Gomax | Earrings: Callura

21 Jul 2015

Tiers and Frills

Have I mentioned that I'm a girly-girl? I have always loved wearing dresses and never feared frills! So a printed, tiered mini-skirt was right up my alley. I could not resist pairing it with this ruffle top. I was so excited to wear this top for the first time when my honey mentioned it looked like kleenex... Well, I had not thought of it that way, but now I can't get that image out of my head. Thanks! We had a giggle over the similarity, but it does not sway my love of this shirt one bit! If anything, it makes me smirk every time I think of it! Like I said, style is how you work the clothes! Besides, if ever I need to blow my nose, I'm all set!

Skirt: Jacob Top: Joe Fresh | Bracelet: Pandora | Shoes: Chase and Chloe | Earrings: Smart Set

20 Jul 2015

Maxi-mum Fun

Being a tall person, maxi dresses have a special spot in my wardrobe. Most of them are printed. This is a good time to point out that when picking a printed garment, one should stick to a print proportionate to their size. What I mean is, a petite person should avoid wearing really big prints that would swallow them. The opposite applies to taller people. Wearing to small of a print can be a little underwhelming. These are simply rules of thumb, prints should be analysed on a case-by-case basis. Remember: don't let the print speak louder than you!

Dress: SpirytCardigan: Jacob | Necklace: Dynamite | Bracelet: Pandora | Shoes: Payless | Earrings: Claire's

19 Jul 2015

Picnic Print

Instant love! Some pieces just catch my eye and I can't get them out of my mind! This was the case when I saw these shorts. A bright, colourful print short is a must for summer. It's fun, cool, playful and stylish all in one. I was headed to a family picnic and thought these shorts would be perfect for the occasion. I paired them with a yellow bubble necklace and sandals, a green t-shirt and a white tassel clutch. I was ready for the sunny festivities! 

Top: Joe Fresh Shorts: J. Crew Factory | Bracelet: Pandora | Cluch: Zara| Earrings: Callura | Necklace: eBay | Shoes: Michael Antonio

18 Jul 2015

Simple Peplum

Let's talk peplum. It had a moment in the 80's and it's been back for a little while now. Regardless of when a style is on trend, if I like it, and it fits me well, I'm going to wear it when ever I please. Today's look is another black and white one, but as I've mentioned before, I wear pieces with dimension to avoid the boring factor. This white peplum top has cute zippers on the sides. Not only are they a nice touch, but they are also functional. They can be opened to extend the hidden panel that adds volume to the peplum. I paired it with skinny black jeans and flats to elongate the leg. Classic and on fleek!

Top: Dynamite Pants: Banana Republic | Necklace: Smart Set | Shoes: Zara | Earrings: Callura

17 Jul 2015

Mint Blooms

Floral prints are the bee's knees! They are feminine, classic and timeless. Put a floral print on a flowing chiffon blouse and you get an extra girly result! I have to say I feel quite elegant in this top and I absolutely love the way it moves! I feel like I'm in a shampoo commercial walking in slow motion in a meadow with my hair and top blowing in the wind... Sorry, I'm back from my day dream now. I picked up on a few colours found in the print to complete the outfit with mint jeans, yellow earrings and an orange cuff. The top is definitely the star of the outfit, so I let it shine, shine, shine!

Top: Zara Camisole: Smart Set | Cuff: Fame Accessories | Jeans: RW&CO | Earrings: Old Navy | Shoes: Chinese Laundry

16 Jul 2015

TBT - Print on Print

Pretty print print! Today's lesson will be on print combining. I know this seems like a daunting task, but by taking it one step at a time, you'll get there. I chose to combine two classic prints: stripes and plaid. I picked a black and white striped top as the base for my outfit. I then paired it with a dark-wash jean and a black jacket to anchor the print. I added a pop of colour with the plaid scarf which, although has more than one colour, is predominantly red. By wearing red pumps, I injected some of the colour in a different part of the outfit, tying the whole thing together. I would consider this an example of advanced print mixing. However, don't let this scare you! Have fun experimenting with your prints to wear them in entirely new ways!

Jacket: Zara Jeans: American Eagle | Necklace: RW&CO | Top: Reitmans | Shoes: Spring | Earrings: Old Navy | Scarf: Joe Fresh

15 Jul 2015

Be Nice

 You've been warned! I fell in love with this t-shirt because of its message. "Be nice or go away". That pretty much sums up how I feel at times. If you're in a good mood, and don't want anybody raining on your parade, wear this! If you're in a not-so-good mood, and don't want anybody pushing your buttons, wear this! If you are in a bad mood, and do not want to talk to anybody, wear this! See, it works in more than one scenario. You can politely tell people to not bother you without uttering a single syllable. Not only do you work your outfit, but your outfit works for you too! 

Skirt: RW&CO Belt: (gift) | T-shirt: Zara | Earrings: Ricki's | Shoes: Bamboo

14 Jul 2015

Sheer Edge

 I was definitely feeling edgy when I put this outfit together. I love a good black and white print garment, and this ikat print gives the skirt a unique touch. I paired it with a sheer-panel peplum top and caged sandals. I love that both the footwear and the top give glimpses of skin. In an odd way, it gives the outfit a bit of symmetry. I figured I'd wear my hair in a half-bun, just to keep with the cutting-edge factor. Not wanting to push the boundaries too far, I opted to wear drop-pearl earrings to soften the look just a tad. Sometimes, I like to add an unexpected twist to an outfit. It makes people ask questions!

Skirt: Ricki's Top: Dynamite | Bangles: (old) | Earrings: Anarchy Gallery | Shoes: Vince Camuto

13 Jul 2015


 Watercolour prints speak to me! This simple, well-constructed sheath dress is far from boring with the injection of bright colours. The way the colours swirl together is mesmerizing. This is the type of dress that requires little effort to style. It is a work of art! Simply add a few understated accessories, or a simple jacket, and you're good to go. This type of garment is great for those rush mornings when you don't have any time to dedicate to putting an outfit together. With this dress in your arsenal, you will look put together, even if you’re not thinking clearly!

Dress: H&M Bracelet: H&M | Necklace: eBay | Earrings: (old)| Shoes: Breckelle's

12 Jul 2015

Boho Travels

 My number one priority when traveling is comfort. This outfit fit the bill! I wore really comfortable high-waisted shorts with a lace peek-a-boo crop top, flat sandals and a hat. These shorts are great because they are well-tailored, yet made with of a light woven material. The top is a relaxed fit, which translates to "won't tug when sitting in a vehicle". Plus, the peek-a-boo allows for cooling in warm temps all while being modest. I threw on my hat for two reasons. On the first hand, it's always easier to wear hats than to pack them in a suitcase. On the other hand, my hair was in desperate need of washing, so the hat was hiding the evidence! ;)

Top: RW&CO Shorts: Dynamite | Necklaces: Dynamite | Hat: Dynamite | Shoes: Bucco

11 Jul 2015

The Long and Short

In my book, if shorts are to be worn in a work environment, they should be no shorter than bermuda lenght. I also believe they should be paired with a modest-neckline top, as to not show too much skin. These are my personal guidelines and are not set in stone. By all means, do as you please! I paired my work-appropriate shorts with a bright pink hibiscus-print tank and white wedge sandals. I love the pop of colour in this print and love the tropical vibe it gives off. This is a high-low tank because the back is longer than the front. These types of tops are very comfortable in warmer climates because they are not overly fitted and allow for the breeze to cool you off! Just be careful your top does not fly up in blustery weather! 

Shorts: RW&CO Tank: Old Navy | Necklace: Smart Set | Sandals: Payless | Bracelet: Pandora | Earrings: Callura

10 Jul 2015

Coral Crush

 Coral is, and probably always will be, my colour crush for summer. It's a nice soft colour, yet its attention grabbing. It also looks killer with a tan! Today I paired it with a simple flow-y watercolour printed tank. The pattern is reminiscent of a warm summer breeze by the ocean. It is instantly calming, and the fact that the print is on the draped panel of the tank that gives it movement speaks to that feeling as well. I'm ready for mojito sipping on a sunny patio!

Jeans: RW&CO Tank: RW&CO | Necklace: H&M | Sandals: Bamboo | Cuff: Fame Accessories | Earrings: Aldo Accessories

9 Jul 2015

TBT - Less is More

Have I mentioned my slight obsession with graphic T's? I cannot get enough of these quirky message boards. It's the perfect way of wearing your emotions on your sleeve (or on your chest in this case). I'm someone who usually has something to say so, by wearing my statement, it saves me a few breaths! This particular shirt repeatedly says "Less is more" and ends with "More please". I love the irony! Not only do graphic t-shirts help spread your sense of humor, but they are also great conversation starters! Going along with the message, I paired the shirt with a busy pant, a statement necklace, fancy booties and a leather jacket. I took the "More please" to heart!

T-shirt: Old Navy Pants: RW&CO | Necklace: eBay | Jacket: Danier | Booties: You by Crocs | Earrings: Roots

8 Jul 2015

Feeling Blue

So, today's outfit is brought to you by the colour blue! Ever feel like wearing lots of coulours all at once? I sometimes feel like that, but I have to hold myself back and not go on a colour overdose. I feel I accomplished that with today's outfit. It's bold and colourful, without being too in-your-face. The trick here is that I stayed within the same colour family. Cobalt and turquoise are shades of blue and complement each other rather than compete with one another. I paired the outfit with a dalmation printed pump because, why not? Those puppies were due for a walk!

T-shirt: Smart SetBlazer: Dynamite| Capris: Jacob | Neckalce: Smart Set| Shoes: Ivanka Trump | Earrings: Northern Reflections

7 Jul 2015

Walking on Sunshine

Patterns and bold colours are not always the easiest to style. However, in my book, they are the most fun to style! These pants are known as my "crazy pants" and I think the reason behind that is pretty obvious. When I style a statement piece, I usually start with the base for my outfit and build on that. When styling a printed garment, it's always a good idea to pair it with solid colours that are pulled from the pattern, as a way to let the statement piece shine and to not over do it. For example, the yellow from the shoes and the navy from the top are both colours found in the print of the pant. By sticking to the colour palette present in your print, you create a cohesive look. I like to think that today's look reminds me of the mullet, it's business on top and party on the bottom! That's one of the things I like most about prints, they can be fun, classic, subtle and even a little crazy. Plus, the styling options are virtually never ending.

Top: ZaraPants: Joe Fresh | Necklace: Smart Set | Belt: RW&CO | Shoes: Zara | Earrings: Northern Reflections

6 Jul 2015

LWD (Little White Dress)

You've all heard of the little black dress, right? Well, did you know there was such a thing as the little white dress? There sure is! I think everyone should own a LWD for very similar reasons everyone should own a LBD. It is a wardrobe staple that is easy to style, is versatile and is a fresh take on a classic, not to mention great for hotter temps! I chose a fit and flare silhouette with mesh panels at the armholes. This is definitely a staple worth splurging on, but keep in mind that if you are spending a bit more, opt for a cut that is more timeless to get the most out of your garment. The dress I'm wearing can be considered a splurge, but I got it on mega sale, which means I got an investment piece without breaking the bank! I accessorized with a lot of silver and added cobalt shoes and nails to give it a bit more pizzazz.

Dress: Banana RepublicNecklace: Smart Set| Necklace: Reitmans| Bracelet: (old)| Shoes: Sergio Bari | Earrings: RW&CO | Belt: Dynamite

5 Jul 2015

Easy Breezy

Ah summer! What better way to stay cool than with a breezy top and a hat? I'll admit it, I'm a hat girl. Not only are they stylish, but they also protect you from the sun! It's all about the multi-purpose items. I wore this outfit to a casual outdoor BBQ/pool party, so I opted for a more casual, ok a very casual look! I kept things simple, yet functional. You can't go wrong with a tank and short combination. I added turquoise earrings for a pop of colour (they also matched my swimsuit) and a lace appliqué to elevate a basic jean short. Not to fancy, nor too dressed down, this outfit was juuust right!

Shorts: DynamiteTank: Garage | Bralet: La Senza| Shoes: Old Navy | Earrings: Delezhen | Hat: Old Navy | Cuff: Fame Accessories