24 May 2017

Hot Pants

I have no idea what I was thinking when I decided to wear pants today. We had a couple crazy hot days last week, and I had just stepped outside before realizing I had not chosen the right outfit... It was too late to change at that point, so I braved the heat wave in my printed pants and was ever so grateful for the breeze. My pastel colour palette was perfect for the season, but my choice in legwear was less than informed. I usually check the weather obsessively, but, for some odd reason, I hadn't that day... Anyways, on to the look. To give my darker pants a fresh take, I decided to pair them with a mash up of pastels and brights. The picture might not be too clear, but to me the tank is mint and the cardigan is more turquoise. Even if they are not a perfect match, I wanted to layer them. I don't find they clash, but mint and turquoise can sometimes be indistinguishable from one another. I added the bright fuchsia belt as I find it gives the look dimension and accentuates the two separate halves of the outfit. Blush sandals blend in well and don't compete with any other element. Had my pants been shorts, this look would have also been appropriate for the weather. I'll be sure to double-check the forecast before selecting tomorrow's look!

Pants: Banana Republic | Tank: Smart Set | Cardigan: Old Navy | Earrings: Banana Republic | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Belt: Smart Set | Sandals: Qupid

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