9 Aug 2015

Day Tripping

I love going on day trips to quaint little areas. They are real gems to discover! I really enjoy browsing the shops and boutiques, as well as strolling down the historical streets. There are usually great restaurants to grab a bite in. Of course, there is always room left over for some homemade fudge! Today, I was spending a day on the boat and I was docking in town for a relaxing afternoon of shopping and picnicking by the river. I wore a simple short and tank combination (with my swimsuit underneath, like I've mentioned before, dress for the occasion). I also wore flat sandals, seeing as they’re the best for walking on cobble-y streets and rocking docks! Of course I needed a hat and sunglasses to protect me from the scorching sun (it sure was a hot one!) I finished off with a Longchamp tote to carry the essentials and a few bits of jewelry, just because! It turned out to be a perfect, low-key, summer day.

Shorts: Joe FreshTop: Old Navy | Necklaces: H&M | Earrings: H&M | Bracelet: H&M | Purse: Longchamp |Sandals: Bucco | Hat: Old Navy

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