29 Aug 2015

Mini Egg Combo

 Raise your hand if you like Mini Eggs! Here, we have another example of colour blocking. I went with a pastel combo, and am gaga over the result! However, my better half was quick to point out that I looked like a handful of Mini Eggs... Well, yes, now that you mention it, the colours I am wearing are similar to those of Mini Eggs. Although this was not my inspiration for the outfit, it quickly became the ongoing joke. At first glance, I'm sure some are questioning why this combination works. A classic colour blocking combo is red, blue and yellow (yes, primary colours complement one another). I simply took that combination and selected different shades of the basic colours. Red became pink, blue became turquoise and yellow became chartreuse. Experiment with the colours in your closet!

Skirt: Zara Cardigan: Joe Fresh | Earrings: Callura | Top: Smart Set | Sandals: Rebel

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