29 Sept 2015

Kid Mash Up

Patterned pants! These ones remind of ink blots on parchment paper. This is exactly what the result would be if I tried to write a letter with ink and a quill, one big blotchy mess! One person's mess can be another's masterpiece! I embraced the ink blot pants and paired them with layers of purple and accents of orange and chartreuse. No idea where this combination came from, I was just feeling it. Sometimes it's fun to just wear as many colours as possible. Bonus if they end up working together! I feel like they do just that in this outfit. This is the perfect example of an outfit a child would style! Bright colours and bold patterns all at once! My inner child is beaming with pride right now!

Pants: Dalia Collection Camisole: Garage | Blazer: Dynamite | Earrings: Callura | Belt: Mexx | Sandals: Bamboo

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