12 Jul 2016

Lighter Layer

The temperatures are definitely on the rise lately... I finally decided to wear this loose-fitting layered crop top, as it won't stick to me in the heat. I paired it with a brightly-coloured necklace and sourced out the rest of my accessories to match it. In come the chartreuse belt and red earrings. To complete the look, I chose a crisp white denim skirt for it's sun-deflecting properties. I don't know for a fact that white clothes reflect the sunlight, but I know I don't feel as warm when I wear white clothes. So, I'm going to stick to that theory and keep on thinking white keeps me cooler.

Top: DEX | Skirt: Old Navy | Necklace: Zara | Earrings: Old Navy | Belt: MEXX | Bracelet: (old) | Espadrilles: Old Navy

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