12 Oct 2016

Bell of the Fall

I busted out my trusty bell-bottom jeans! I've had these jeans for ages and am so pleased I decided to hang on to them! Sometimes, the fashion cycle is predictable to a fault. I don't know why, but for some reason, I associate 70s fashions with fall. No clue why that is, but I feel like those styles are better suited to this season. Just the way my brain works, I guess... Either way, today, I styled them with a grey gingham shirt and faux-fur vest. I added a pop of orange with the belt and opted for metallic booties. Seeing as the pants are long, I need to wear heels. I tend to wear chunkier footwear with this particular pair, but forced myself to try something different with the stiletto booties. I really felt like a million bucks today struttin' my stuff through the fall leaves! 

Jeans: Old Navy (old) | Shirt: Smart Set | Faux-Fur Vest: Dynamite | Belt: Cloe Moda | Earrings: Callura | Necklace: Smart Set | Watch: Fossil | Booties: Zara

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