20 Dec 2016

Tartan Touch

A simple, yet very festive look today. I kept it easy-peasy by pairing my icey grey cable-knit sweater with my coated black jeans. The sheen from the jeans give them that slightly more cheery feel and picks up on the colour of the sweater. I then added a red plaid scarf to jazz thing up a big. Here's the kicker, I tied it in a great big bow! You can get any merrier than that! I mean, I feel like a big present! It's a subtle enough hint, but sure goes a long way. I like wearing accessories in unexpected ways, they are so versatile! When Christmas is over, I can wear this scarf again and again just by tying it up differently. The possibilities are endless! I like how this finishing touch just makes the look! To me, this is the perfect example of style vs. fashion. The scarf in itself is fashionable, but it's how I decided to wear it that makes it stylish. Have you ever tied your scarf in a bow?

Jeans: Joe Fresh | Sweater: Banana Republic Factory | Scarf: Joe Fresh | Earrings: RW&CO | Scarf: Old Navy | Tuque: Zara | Coat: ELFE | Boots: NY VIP

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