14 Dec 2015

Mad Print Mixing

This outfit is the perfect example of mixing three different prints and having them work harmoniously. Let's breakdown the look a bit. I started with a small leopard print cardigan. This is an organic print and meshes well with the more rigid check pattern of the vest. To soften the look I added a big tartan print scarf in navy blue and forest green. The print is so big, that it seems like a neutral. Also, the colour black is present in every print, helping in tying them to one another. For more examples of print mixing, visit this post. Since the top half of the outfit is extremely busy, I opted for classic blue denim and brown riding boots. Although one could say I was getting carried away with prints while putting this outfit together, I think I nailed it!

Jeans: Second Yoga Jeans | Cardigan: Jacob | Quilted Vest: Old Navy | Camisole: Old Navy | Scarf: Jacob | Earrings: Dynamite | Boots: Henry Ferrera | Coat: Lululemon

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