15 Dec 2015

Seasonal Topper

Party, party, party! This season is in full swing! I love attending parties and themed events. They are the perfect excuse to pull out all the stops and wear your fanciest, dressiest, over-the-top looks. (Not that I need any excuses...) Today's outfit was worn to a Hat Mania work party. The first thing that came into my mind was: "Yay! I get to wear a fascinator!" I love any and all occasions requiring head ware, as I have an extensive collection. Part of me wishes hats were as mainstream as they used to be, they complete outfits so well. Back to today's look. I busted out the white jumpsuit, belted it and piled on the red accessories! You can never go wrong with red during the Holidays! Rudolph was on to something...

Jumpsuit: Dynamite | Cardigan: Zara | Belt: H&M | Earrings: True Bijoux | Bracelet: Fame Accessories | Fascinator: Elegant Style | Coat: ELFE | Scarf: Excite | Purse: Smart Set | Shoes: Call it Spring

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