11 Dec 2015

Stayin' Warm in Style

The mini makes another appearance. This length is perfect to wear with tights at this time of year, before it gets too cold. Today, I paired it with my polka dot tights and knee-high socks. I added my tunic cable-knit sweater and loved the result it gave! This outfit is all about proportions. A longer top, with a higher-hemmed skirt is an unexpected combination. By wearing the socks, I cover more of the leg and give the illusion the skirt is longer than it really is. By wearing the sweater, I create more bulk on the top of the outfit and that helps in giving off a less leggy look. As I've mentioned, if you are showing skin in one area, keep the others well covered. For the outside look, I added a black floppy hat and my creampuff coat. Black and beige is a winning combination that does not have to be shabby. Style your beiges outside the closet!

Skirt: Smart Set | Sweater: Jacob | Tights: The Bay | Earrings: Dynamite | Necklace: ZAD | Hat: Nordstrom | Socks: Mukluk | Coat: Esprit | Scarf: Saachi | Booties: Sergio Bari

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