24 May 2016

Double-Duty Dress

I've been waiting a while to wear this dress, and I decided today was the day! Well, it turns out today was crazy windy. I figured I'd up the ante and not let the weather win this outfit battle! I decided to wear white skinny jeans UNDER the dress! Take that, blistery wind gusts! Seeing as it was a shirt dress with slits, wearing it as a long tunic works just as well as if I were to wear it as a dress. I love items that can be worn multiple ways. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of creativity to wear a garment in an unusual way. Sometimes, the weather is what really gets my creative juices flowing! I was able to adapt my original look today, but I don't always get that lucky when the forecast is unpredictable. Sometimes, I even have to style a new outfit from scratch... But, I'm just whining now.

Dress: Dynamite | Jeans: Old Navy | Camisole: Smart Set | Earrings: A Touch of Whimsy | Sandals: Old Navy

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