13 May 2016

Bright and Breezy

I'm happy that it is finally cute-dress season! I really enjoy wearing dresses in the summer because they are so breezy and keep me cool. I definitely put that on my list of Top reasons why being a girl is awesome! When it's hot, wear a light, flowy dress to keep you cool and comfortable. The other bonus is that summer dresses come in the sweetest prints and patterns, not to mention the to-die-for embellishments such as ruffles and textures. I am also s sucker for dresses with interesting cuts and hemlines. If the structure of the dress is avant-garde, the rest need not be complicated. The opposite is also true. A crazy print often works well on a simply constructed dress. Today, I finally busted out the first of many summer dresses to come this season. This one is an oldie, but I still love it. The beige and black print is timeless, while the A-line silhouette is classic. The ruffle adds a touch of interest, but is not overly trendy. I believe this is why I still have this dress. Some pieces are worth hanging on to!

Dress: Smart Set | Cardigan: Ricki's | Earrings: Olivia Welles | Shoes: Zara

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