10 Apr 2018

Bloomin' Layer

Another great dress in my wardrobe is this burgundy bodycon dress. It was a fall addition and I find myself reaching for it regularly! It is the perfect building block for almost any look and has proven to be a real season chameleon!

For a springtime look, I paired it with my purple floral blazer and dramatic lilac chandelier earrings! The print on this blazer is perfect and I've already had it for a few years now. However, I did find a couple similar options that I've linked in the widget below. I think I like it so much because it spans the spectrum of practically every purple hue, making it an easy match. These obnoxious earrings were a recent purchase I simply could not pass on. The ombré purple (for the same reason as the blazer) make it an easy match to a lot of other purple pieces. Bonus: even though they are large, they are quite light, meaning I can wear them all day and spare my earlobes!

Seeing as I already had a lot going on in this look, I chose to go simple for the legs and feet. I opted for sheer brown tights because it is still a bit chilly to go bare legs. I felt the brown hue was a good match to the burgundy and helped streamline the legs. I finished with my trusty metallic booties. They are the perfect neutral, with a twist! I have a penchant for metallic footwear... To me, they are as much of a neutral option as nude shoes, except they are a lot more fun!

Dress: Dynamite (similar) | Blazer: RW&CO (similar) | Earrings: Aldo (similar) | Tights: The Bay (similar) | Booties: Zara (similar)  

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