13 Apr 2018

Runway for Hope

I got to attend a charity fashion show last weekend. It was to raise funds for the local Children's Hospital and featured local designers. I'd say this is probably the first real fashion show I've attended since participating in a mother-daughter show (parading matching outfits made by my mom) when I was about 4 years old. I don't remember much of that show, but a home video found years later shows that I was none too enthusiastic. I did however have the RBF down pat! Let's just say that if the opportunity ever resents itself again, I will make a point of soaking in the moment!

Having never been to a show, I wasn't too sure how to dress. I decided on something not overly formal, while making sure to include trendy elements. I started with my go-to white blouse with black neck-tie and skinny black trousers. I then decided to layer a checked bustier top over the blouse. It might be April, but it is still cold around these parts... Once I added some grey, I kept it going with the timeless tweed t-strap pumps. Because the shoes are a classic, I added fishnet socks to add an element of fun and trendiness. I was loving the look so far, but felt it was a bit too many masculine touches so I chose blingy chandelier earrings for a dose of sparkle! My monochromatic outfit was also screaming for a pop of colour. In comes the lilac bag! I figured I couldn't go wrong with one of this spring's it colours. For the keen-eyed readers, I even matched my manicure to the bag. It's a small detail, but I think it goes a long way! Finally, I threw on a classic black cape. It was the perfect outerwear because it added to the outfit without covering it up completely.

I was overall very pleased with my look. At first, I thought I had too much going on, but the monochromatic palette helped tone-down the amount of elements and the lilac bag just brightened it up! (I know it matches my wall in the pictures, but I promise it stood out at the event. I just forgot to take pictures...) #amateurhour

Blouse: Banana Republic (similar) | Bustier: Dynamite | Pants: Dynamite (similar) | Earrings: Dynamite (similar) | Socks: Zara (similar) | Purse: Clōe (similar) | Cape: Zara (similar) | Shoes: Payless (similar)

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