23 Jan 2016

Blushing Navy

Ah the weekend, a welcome break! Back to my cozy not-leaving-the-house attire. Today's look consists of blush pink skinny jeans and knitted socks with a metallic navy sweater. I love the way these two colours complement each other, they strike the right balance between feminine and masculine. The navy is strong and powerful while the blush is soft and subtle. A look that harmonizes this well is meant to be worn! Ok, I admit that in the picture the socks and jeans are not the same shade of pink. I swear the difference was not that obvious in the light of day. My picture-taking skills are not that great, I should perhaps invest in some better lighting...

Jeans: Dynamite | Sweater: H&M (gift) | Earrings: Old Navy | Socks: Chapters Indigo (gift)

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