13 Jan 2016

Five Shades of Grey

I'm in a monochromatic mood today... literally! I chose a colour, and that's as far as my outfit planning went. Light grey skinnies, a shimmer grey sweater and a grey faux-fur vest come together in perfect harmony. Hard not to look good when all the garments are in different shades of the same colour. I kept the trend going for the outside look with grey coat, boots and tuque. This is definitely a safe way to go if you are not feeling very creative or are in a rush to get out the door. Pick a colour, and run with it!

Jeans: Dynamite | Sweater: RW&CO | Faux-fur vest: Dynamite | Earrings: Aldo (gift) | Scarf: Old Navy | Coat: Lululemon | Tuque: Chapters Indigo (gift) | Boots: Henri Pierre

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