19 Jan 2016

Pink Lumber-Chic


This is what I think Lumber-chic Barbie would wear! Cute light-washed skinny jeans, a sweet white and grey gingham blouse, a Barbie-pink sweater and an ivory quilted-vest! If she has to wield and axe and stack logs, then she's going to look cute while doing it! I have to admit that I've stacked my fair share of wood during my childhood, but never had the upper body strength to lift my father's log-splitting axe... I was not afraid to work a little, but I never wore my good clothes. I'd just wear some of my dad or brothers' work clothes. Splitting and stacking wood is messy business, I mean wood chips and tree sap all over the place! This is why I say today's outfit would be Barbie's look. It's cute and looks the part: but in reality, it would not cut it!

Jeans: Old Navy | Sweater: Old Navy | Shirt: Smart Set | Quilted vest: Old Navy | Earrings: Smart Set | Coat: ELFE | Scarf: Lululemon | Tuque: Anarchy Gallery | Boots: Henri Pierre

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