30 Mar 2016

Purple Punch

You can never go wrong with a classic pencil skirt. This one has a draping effect on the front that adds interest. I paired it with a simple white bateau top and a silver pendant. Since I went fairly conservative for the top half of the look, I figured I'd spice things up for the lower half! I added some punchy purple tights and metallic booties. Conservative looks don't have to be boring! One thing to avoid however is matching your tights to your coat... This was not planned and I only realized it on my way out the door! I took monochromatic to a whole new level, and I'm not proud of it! This fashion faux-pas gave off some major Barney the dinosaur vibes... Note to self: avoid pairing these tights with this coat in the future.

Skirt: Smart Set | Top: Old Navy | Necklace: Jacob | Earrings: A Touch of Whimsy | Tights: Old Navy | Coat: ELFE | Scarf: Dynamite | Booties: Zara

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