15 Mar 2016

Leather Pleasure

I busted out the leather pants today! They had been cooped up in my closet for a little while and when I spotted them, I got the urge to wear them again! Surprising as it might seem, I find my leather pants to be quite comfortable and warm. Although these are not real leather, I find them more breathable than some of my other fake leather pants. They are thick and well constructed, which makes me feel at ease wearing them without feeling like I need to cover my bum in case of sheerness exposure... There is something about leather pants that makes me feel sexy! Even if I wear them in a casual outfit, they put a spring in my step! I guess it's a similar feeling one gets when wearing sexy undergarments. It's like a little secret weapon that makes us feel extra feminine and sultry! When you are having a blah day, slip into some leather pants. I promise, it will perk you right up!

Pants: Zara | Top: RW&CO | Sleeveless Blazer: Dynamite | Earrings: Smart Set | Necklace: (old) | Coat: Marika | Scarf: (gift) | Socks: Old Navy | Booties: Blondo

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