5 Mar 2016

Lush Winter Wonderland

Today, I'm embracing the cold winter palette! Whites, greys and blues mesh together well to give a harmonizing look. This little cropped eyelash sweater was one of my favourites last season, and I've only recently dug it out this year. I paired it with a white and grey gingham shirt and robin's egg blue jeans. I decided to add my marble necklace, which picks up on the colours and geometry of the shirt, but that stands out against the fluffiness of the sweater with its hard edges. I am a big proponent of wearing pastels in the winter. I find they echo the coolness of the weather, without being too harsh or vibrant against the sleeping outdoor scenery.

Jeans: Garage | Sweater: Smart Set | Blouse: Smart Set | Necklace: RW&CO | Earrings: (gift) | Coat: RW&CO | Scarf: Dynamite | Tuque: Anarchy Gallery | Boots: Henri Pierre

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