26 Mar 2018

Warm Hug

Some weeks are just tougher than others and you end up feeling like you need a good hug by the end of it. That's how I feel today, so I chose to wear a super soft t-shirt and skinnies. I did add a scarf to jazz it up a bit, but that was mostly because it's freezing cold again... I was planning on wearing a cute springtime outfit, but the weather and my mood put the kibosh on that. It's not the most glamorous of looks, but sometimes being comfortable trumps everything else. We all have down days, I'm just choosing to share it in the same capacity I would share a look I love. Just keeping it real!

Jeans: Jordache (similar) | Tee: Halogen (similar) | Scarf: Old Navy (similar) | Belt: RW&CO (similar) | Earrings: Callura (similar) | Boots: Giant Tiger (similar)

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