22 Mar 2018

Farm-Girl Chic

This look speaks to two inner characteristics of mine. I am a farmers' daughter (and country girl at heart) as well as being of French descent. Today's look is a bit of a mash-up of stereotypical elements tied to each of those characteristics. Let's start from the bottom. Rubber boots are staple farm footwear. There was always an abundance of rubber boots back home and we always seemed to have a pair to lend out to unprepared visitors. There really is no better attire to trot through the muck, especially in the spring... While it doesn't get as muddy in the city, I seem to always turn to my trusty rubber boots on those wet and slushy days! My bright red pair is a update on the classic and adds a pop of colour to my outfits.

Moving on to the skirt. It's plaid. Another classic farmer-related element. I don't think I have ever seen my dad not wear a plaid garment when working. Whether it be a button down, a sweater or even his boot linings, there is a 99% chance my dad is wearing something plaid. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree because this girl cannot resist a cute plaid. The ruffle detail on this skirt is just an added bonus, but the plaid is what sold me on it! So that completes the bottom part of the look, which is definitely more farm and country inspired.

The French inspiration is from the waist up. A classic black turtle neck is a wardrobe basic. I would even dare say it is likely part of every French girl's closet. It dresses up any look, without overdoing it, usually adding just the right amount of polish. Then, I chose a more sartorial French piece, the béret! This is a recent addition to my closet. I tried it on a whim and instantly fell in love with it's ease of wear. Now I understand why it is such a go-to piece! I plan on adding a few different colours to my collection. So the perfect topper seals the deal for me in terms of French influence. Last, but not least, is the red lip! I've gone too far with this look not to add a bold red lip. It ties the entire look together and gives it that final touch of flair. It is literally the cherry on top!

I am so pleased with the final result of this outfit, it is definitely one of my favourites! It's simple yet classic while being modern and a little bit trendy. This look has it all, and most importantly, it is representative of who I am.

Skirt: J. Crew | Turtleneck: RW&CO (similar) | Tights: Old Navy (similar) | Necklace: Aldo (similar) | Earrings: Spring (similar) | Coat: Tribal (similar) | Beret: Simons (similar) | Boots: Hunter  

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