9 Apr 2019

Ahoy, Chanel!

Today's look is a preppy take on the nautical style but, as my colleague pointed out, it's totally Chanel-inspired! This had not occurred to me when I was getting dressed, but she sure has a point! Chanel is known for her quintessentially nautical stylings and I have to admit that my look today fits that bill. Although none of my pieces are Chanel, the lines and cuts of my clothing are inspired by fashion house's signature styles. From the gold-buttoned sailor pants to the black and white cardigan with pearl buttons and even the big pearl earrings and delicate striped scarf; the pieces all exude that classy nautical vibe. Coco Chanel was a visionary and kicked-off the nautical style as we know it today, so it's no wonder her stylings have stood the test of time!

Cardigan: Zara (similar) | Shirt: Banana Republic (similar) | Pants: Banana Republic | Earrings: H&M (similar) | Scarf: Forever 21 (similar) | Pin: Nutmeg and Arlo (similar) | Booties: Blondo (similar)

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