5 Apr 2019

I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay

As a Canadian, you can't go wrong wearing Buffalo plaid, stripes and rubber boots. Especially not in the spring when it's prime maple syrup harvesting time! Plaid is the print of choice when spending time in the woods and I relish at the fact that I can justify wearing it more often than I already do! A little plaid, my red rubber boots and a trusty striped top were combined in today's look for that perfect springtime-Canadian vibe! I know my country-girl side is showing today, but I am embracing it and making the most of wearing plaid while I can. That is until the fall. I will be sure to wear plenty of it then. In the meantime, I will gladly trade-in my plaid for gingham. One form or another of checked print is always part of my rotation! 

Top: Reitmans (similar) | Vest: Old Navy (similar) | Jeans: Jordache (similar) | Earrings: Claire's (similar) | Hair tie: Forever 21 | Boots: Hunter

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