21 Apr 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #47

"Cute easter bunny holding happy easter placard sign" is licensed under CC0 1.0 Public Domain 

ONE // Happy Easter
Happy Easter everybody! Being a huge fan of baskets and pastels, Easter is the perfect time of year to start wearing them on repeat! I also love the chocolate... Egg hunts are also high up of my list of reasons I love Easter! The family dinners are always worth looking forwards to, although we kept things low-key this year and had a quiet (productive) long weekend. I hope everyone got to relax and eat as much chocolate as their hearts desire!

TWO // Pink Gingham Shirt
As much as plaid is a staple in my wardrobe, I like to trade it for gingham come the spring/summer. It's a lighter checked pattern that is refreshing and easy to wear. It' a classic print to have in one's wardrobe and I recently added this pink beauty to my closet! I snagged it on clearance for $10. Thank you Old Navy for always carrying classic basics at a great price point!

THREE // Marshmallow Bunnies
Every year, for as long as I can remember, I look forward to these little marshmallow bunnies popping-up on the shelves of my local stores. I absolutely adore these sweet treats and am sure to get my fill because they are only available once a year! You know Easter is here when these guys show up! I typically find them at Shoppers, Giant Tiger or Bulk Barn. My husband rolls his eyes whenever I find some because I stock up like my life depends on it! I totally get this addiction from my mom because she also suffers from marshmallow-bunny syndrome!

FOUR // White Lace Top
I had a Dynamite gift card and decided to get this white lace top. I thought it would be the perfect summer layering piece (a sort of warm temperature version of my white blouse layer.) It's got a bit of stretch so it super comfortable and it will be super practical because it will allow me to make some of my summer dresses more office appropriate without hiding them under a cardigan. This piece will be a game-changer!

FIVE // Chiffon Petal Earrings
I came across these cuties when browsing at Simons a few weeks ago. I love that they are statement earrings, but the delicate chiffon petals make them sweet and not too in-your-face. They are also light which is a big deal when it comes to earrings! They will look perfect with all of my summer dresses and the light pink hue is sure to go with a lot of my summer wardrobe. They also remind me of cherry blossoms, so that's a bonus!

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