14 Apr 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #46

ONE // Sugar Shack
Those who followed along in my Stories know that I went to the sugar shack last weekend. I've also posted the look I wore here. We filled-up on backed beans, bacon, ham, eggs, roasted potatoes, pancakes and sugar pie all drenched in fresh maple syrup! There is no other meal like it! I personally enjoy the sweet and savoury combination and look forward to it every year. It's the only time it's perfectly acceptable to eat yourself into a sugar-high food coma and crash for a long afternoon nap. Seriously, a day of eating and sleeping off the binge is something worth looking forward to! We always go with family and friends and this year it was with a cousin and his family. The kids enjoyed the limitless sugar although I'm sure the parents were less excited at the thought of the impending sugar highs... Family outings are the best and it's even better when there's food involved!

TWO // Burlap Headband
The headband addition continues with this rustic burlap version. I absolutely adore the fact it can be worn so casually, yet would also pair well with light summer dresses in lieu of a straw hat. I debuted it at the sugar shack and thought it was the perfect accessory for the setting. This country girl sure loves her burlap! I mean, I needed some more summer-worthy options of my favourite hair accessory. I found this beauty at Urban Outfitters and am so glad I did!

THREE // Céline Dion Tour
OMG, I just about fell out of my chair when I saw that Céline was going on tour again! I immediately called my sister (the super-fan) and started planning. We have seen Céline in concert twice so far and want to go for a third time. I mean at this point, it's sort of what we do. The last time we saw her was in August of 2016 (see this post) and we don't want to miss her this time around. Tickets went on sale on Friday and I seriously had heart palpitations waiting in the queue to get tickets. I scored!!! I was lucky enough to get four tickets in awesome seats and at a crazy great price! My sister, my mom and my aunt are all coming with me and to say the anticipation is killing me would be an understatement! Team Céline all the way!

FOUR // Fresh Hair
Confession time: I have not gotten my hair done since before the minimoon back in early February. I guess I sort of dropped the ball post-wedding. It's been really nice not having a never-ending to-do list, but I've neglected my hair a bit. With spring in the air, I knew it was time for a refresher. Called my sister and booked my appointment! We just did the usual roots and skipped the trim because I'm loving my long hair right now and it was still healthy. We'll probably do a trim next time and darken it a bit. I'm loving the refresh just in time for spring!

FIVE //First BBQ
Even tough we got a fresh dump of snow earlier this week, it did not deter us from hosting a small BBQ with family this weekend. It's our first of the season and we've been looking forward to it for a while now. It was more of an indoor eating situation, but at least the food was cooked outdoors. So we got all the flavours while waiting for the weather to cooperate! We sure miss our BBQ meals in the winter!

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