2 Jun 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #53

ONE // Watermelon Purse
I found this straw watermelon purse a few weeks ago at Aldo and snagged it in their purse sale not long after. I've been patiently awaiting the warm weather to bust it out and take it for a spin. It's the most darling little bag and you all know how much I like fruit-themes pieces. I love that I can wear it cross-body or carry it as a clutch. The pink shade is a perfect match to real watermelons and I like that it also has two shades of green. I had loved my crab purse from last summer so much that I didn't hesitate to get another themed bag this time around.

TWO // Antonyme
My husband and I are foodies and are always on the lookout for new places eat. His cousin (the chef) had suggested this little tapas place. All three of us decided to give it a whirl the other day and it lived up to our expectations! We basically got one of everything on the menu and shared the lot. Yup, we're those people! It was a delight to the senses and there were so many great flavours and combinations. We very much enjoyed the relaxed vibe of the restaurant and the service was first-class!

THREE // Blush Gingham Pants
So nice, I bought it twice. These are the exact same pants as my blue stripes ones, except in pink gingham. They are the same pants, but in a different colorway. Gingham is one of my go to prints for the spring/summer and I love the subtly of this blush hue. It softens the busy pattern and gives it a light, airy feel. I love wearing blush pink, it's just so soft and feminine. I predict I will love these pants just as much as my striped ones!

FOUR // Sweet Tea Biscuits
I had a hankering for something sweet the other night, so we decided to whip up a batch of tea biscuits. I don't get fancy and use Bisquick for the base. Then, I simply add whatever tickles my fancy. It's usually on the savoury side with cheddar and chives, but I went for chocolate chips and skor bits this time. They were sooo gooey and decadent! Plus, they only take 8 minutes, so you really can't beat that! I ate mine slathered with blueberry and raspberry jam from the local farm while my husband has his with ice cream. So yummy!

FIVE // Cherry Blossoms
I am so happy the cherry blossoms are finally blooming! They are so late this year, like really late. I looked it up, and in my area, they typically bloom at the end of April into early May. We are now at the very end of May, and they are just starting. We'll have cherry blossoms well into the beginning of June. This is so unusual! So, there you have it. I wasn't just going on and on about spring not showing up. It literally just got here! I'm taking it all in and enjoying those pretty pink blooms while I can.

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