23 Jun 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #56

ONE // Mustard
Mustard has been a huge part of this trip. I mean, the stuff is everywhere in Germany! Being a fan of the condiment (and having quite the collection already), I had loved trying out the different flavours! On our "Sights and Bites" walk of Düsseldorf, we visited a spice shop and a mustard shop, where we tasted all kinds of different mustards. We ultimately settled on bringing home a jar of the best mustard around: ABB. Besides, the jars themselves make for unique souvenirs!

TWO // Wax Seal
Ever since I used a wax seal on our wedding invitations, I've been wanting to use one more often (mostly for my Christmas cards). Well, as luck would have it, I came across a whole bunch in a souvenir shop at Marksburg Castle! I quickly grabbed the "A", as it's the initial of our last name! I cannot wait to test it out, and this might justify me buying more sealing wax. Not that I needed an excuse!

THREE // Turn Down Service
I absolutely love the way the turn-down service is done on the ship. They make the bed again (because naps are good for jet lag), draw the curtains, turn down the lights, turn on the TV fireplace and play classical music. I mean, they create the most romantic atmosphere, perfect for honeymooning!

FOUR // Champagne Celebration
The cruise director surprised us and arranged for a bottle of champagne in our suite. We opened the window, got some ice and popped the bubbly! It was such a sweet gesture and made for a romantic night in! I don't' think I ever drank so much champagne in my life! But, hey, when on honeymoon, the bubbles just keep flowing.

FIVE // Jet Lag App
I had discovered the Timeshifter app shortly before our trip and decided I'd give it a go. This was my first overseas trip, so I wasn't sure how jet lag would affect me. The app works with your flight schedule and your sleeping habits to customize a personal adjustment plan. It starts giving you notifications a few days prior to your flight. It takes into account caffeine consumption, sunlight exposure and when to go to bed and wake up. It did feel a bit odd those first few days because I was still in my regular routine, but shifting over my sleep times. This meant I was up in the wee hours of the morning before work and going to bed much earlier. It was odd, but surprisingly not difficult. We arrived to our destination and I did not feel the jet lag at all! It seems too simple, yet this is a very effective app. However, I believe only your first trip using the app is free, you have to pay afterwards. Honestly, I probably won't use it for a long time, so might just get rid of it.

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