16 Jun 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #55

ONE // Pixie Mood Backpack
I am officially on honeymoon at the moment, so I thought this week's Mimi Takes Five should feature a few travel-related bits and bobs. First up is this vegan leather backpack! When I started thinking about what to pack for this trip, I knew I wanted an everyday bag that would be as functional as it would be stylish. I came across this bag at a local boutique and loved it right then and there. It was the perfect size and had simple, clean lines. The selling point however, was the convertible straps! These bad boys can go from a double-strapped backpack to a cross-body bag in the blink of an eye! Now this is exactly what a girl needs for a European vacation. I scooped up the caramel colour because it's neutral and would go with everything I pack. Bonus: Pixie Mood is a Canadian company.

TWO // Polka Dot Pyjamas
How cute are these polka dot pyjamas? Although I have a lot of flannel PJ sets for winter/the holidays, I didn't have much that would be dressy enough for a summer vacation. I found this cute short and shirt set at La Vie en Rose and thought it would be the perfect thing for the cruise! It's classy and timeless, just the vibe I was going for!

THREE // Packing Cubes
Packing has never been easier than this! Packing cubes are the way to go. If you like being organized and have a pristine suitcase, then these are for you! I like that they come in different sizes and love that this particular print matches my suitcase lining (yes, I'm that girl!) All this to say that when I came across the same packing cubes at Winners the other day, I didn't hesitate to snag a second set! Now, I have double the cubes and they are all match. I couldn't have planned it better if I'd tried!

FOUR // Navy Sneakers
We have a busy schedule on this trip and I predict there will be a lot of walking. As much as I like to plan my outfits ahead of time and be prepared, I knew that I had to think smart about what footwear I was bringing. Behold the sneaker! They are cute but functional. I have a few pairs from Old Navy, so knew just where to look for a pair of navy ones. I like these sneakers because they have a very cushioned memory foam foot bed, which makes for a comfortable day of walking and standing. Plus, the $12 price tag did not break the bank!

FIVE // Straw Hat with Ribbon Tie
No summer trip would be complete without a straw hat! The tough decision was not whether or not to bring one, but rather which one to bring! I went back and forth on this one and ultimately settled for the turned edge with ribbon tie. I love the slight Audrey Hepburn meets little house on the prairie style and thought it would be just the thing for a European vacation. It can be worn casually or a bit more dressed up. I also thought the ribbon tie would be useful for taking off the hat indoors without having to carry it, or for wind gusts on the boat. Always thinking practical! I made sure to bring the blue and white ribbon as it better suited my capsule wardrobe's colour palette for the trip!

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