4 Aug 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #62

ONE // Deep Blue Spirulina Tea
I had to stock up on my favourite summer tea before it sold out at David's Tea. I discovered this flavour last summer and it instantly became my go-to for iced teas. Its deep blue hue is mesmerizing and its light, zingy flavour is oh so refreshing. I've started making it with a splash of lemonade and it's a real game-changer! My iced teas have never looked nor tasted so good!

TWO // Open-Back Striped Dress
This little striped dress is what my summer daydreams are made of! It has a blue and white striped pattern, a fit and flare silhouette, an open back and a big bow detail! It's basically every element I love all rolled into one garment. How could I resist? The best part was that I walked into Simons, found this beauty on sale and it was available in my size! I love this kind of shopping karma!

THREE // Jazzy Dinner
We went out for dinner at a jazz lounge the other night and it was amazing! We love jazz and often listen to a jazzy record while preparing dinner in the evenings, so when an uncle suggested we go to Options at the Brookstreet hotel, we were all ears. There is just something so organic about listening to live music. The trumpet, the drums, the upright bass, the keyboard, the piano and the saxophone were all part of that night's ensemble. I also really enjoy seeing musicians play off one another and just have fun! It was a great evening spent in great company.

FOUR // Curl Secret
So I used to have a curling iron, not that it got much use, but never replaced it post fire. My awesome sister hooked me up with a pretty sweet straightener, but (try as I might) I've never mastered the art of curling hair with a straightener... I've been managing to style my hair without a tool, but when I came across this thing at a Bay clearance store, I decided to give it a go. I was skeptical of hair getting stuck in the curler, but had a recent conversation with a friend who uses one and she assured me that there is a fail-safe mechanism. So I tried it out a couple times and think I still need to work on getting the technique down pat. My hair got stuck a couple times, but I realized it's because I was trying to curl too big a section. The curls look good, but need to be fluffed up a bit to give them more texture. We'll see how much I use it. It might just come out on days I have lots of time to style my hair.  

FIVE // Mango Belt
I'm sure some of you have noticed this belt in a handful of looks these past few weeks. I realized I hadn't showed it up close and personal yet, so here it is! My most worn straw belt of the season! I got a couple different straw belts from Mango that have not left my outfits for one second this summer. I've been wearing them on repeat and absolutely love how well they finish my looks, giving them that instant summer touch!

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