11 Aug 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #63

ONE // Boat Commute
My husband picked me up from work on the boat the other day! He's been doing this for a few years now and I look forward to it every time. There is just something so freeing of commuting home on the river and avoiding the usual rush-hour traffic. I just walk down to the locks from work and he picks me up right at the dock. I simply hop on and we speed off into the breeze. It really is the best way to kick-start a summer weekend!

TWO // White Flutter Sleeve Top
There is something to be said about a good basic and this white flutter sleeve top has gotten a lot of wear these past months. It pairs well with skirts, shorts and pants ranging from casual to dressy. It was purchased on a whim and turned out to be so versatile! I keep reaching for it! This just goes to say that a simple basic white top with an interesting sleeve can be the perfect building block for any summertime outfit.

THREE // Floating Lanterns
We went to a wedding last weekend and it ended with us lighting floating lanterns and setting them off in the evening sky. It was just as magical as you'd expect and the sky was clear that night, so we got to see them float until they were out of sight. It was totally giving me those Rapunzel vibes!

FOUR // Auntie Mimi
Friday was a happy day: my family grew by two little feet! My older brother and his partner welcomed their second daughter into the world! She's the most precious little thing and I can't wait to meet her! Some life moments are so special and the arrival of a little baby is right up there. Having grown up with many siblings has always brought me much joy and the fact that they are now giving me nieces and nephews just multiplies that joy. Family is everything to me and I am thrilled to be an aunt for times over!

FIVE // Addams Family
Speaking of family, has anyone seen the new animated Addams Family trailer? I'm not this biggest Halloween fan (Christmas is where it's at for me) but I have always loved the dark whimsy of the Addams Family! I've seen every movie and even remember the TV series so I'm really looking forward to watching this monstrously spooky animated version! All the usual characters seem to make an appearance! I am actually looking forward to Halloween now. La, la, la, la, snap, snap!

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