12 Jul 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #111

ONE // Hair Cut
After many months (since January 23, 2020, to be precise) I was finally able to get a haircut! Having long hair to begin with made the entire process much more manageable, but I still like regular trims to keep my hair healthy. Having gotten used to the length, it grew on me (literally!) I decided to just get a couple inches trimmed off to lighten them up a bit and give them new life. I had done my roots a couple weeks before that so all in all, my hair is looking more like it should! It feels good to get a bit of hair care done, even though it was odd to be wearing a mask the entire time. While this was not the most essential of necessities, it was time. I'm not good for at least another couple months.

TWO // Lilac Stripe Swimsuit
I can't get enough of cute swimsuits and this lilac striped number is simply darling! I found it at H&M and the price was right. I love the simple V-neck one-piece silhouette, but the fun part is the lace-up lower back! The vertical stripes are also a good thing. I just love it because it has a slight retro/whimsical touch. I also love the higher cut at the thigh, it elongates the legs, which is always a good thing. After having worn it for a swim in the river the other day, I can say that the bottom rides up a bit after jumping into the water. Then again, that might be entirely due to my own bootie... To be honest, not one swimsuit ever covers my entire bottom, so I just embrace the curves and let the buns out in the sun!

THREE // Camping
As of today, we are officially camping for the week! I can't tell you how much we've been looking forward to this little getaway. We haven't been camping in at least five years and we used to go once a month during the summer for a long time. It's good to be back in nature. Camping also happens to be the perfect social distanced way of getting a bit of a summer holiday in. We picked a small and quite secluded provincial park. We like to do it the old-school way in a tent and off the grid. It's going to be just us, the puppies and a whole lot of nature for the next few days. Looking forward to just relaxing and taking in the view while living life at a slower pace. 

FOUR // Water Shoes
I recently acquired this cute pair of aqua water shoes at Giant Tiger. They are more functional than they are stylish, but that's just the point of water shoes! Seeing as we do a bit of boating and camping, owning a pair just makes sense. I tried them out a few weeks ago when early-morning kayaking with my mom and they were the perfect thing for getting in and out of the lake as the shoreline was rocky. I'm sure I'll be wearing them at some point this week, so it's a good thing to have because you never know when you'll need them!

FIVE // Terry Hoodie
Staying with the camping theme of today's post, I'm featuring this adorable terry striped hoodie. I knew it would be the perfect thing for camping when I saw it on the Old Navy website. The terry texture makes it ideal to wear around the shoreline or to cozy up in at the campfire. It's cozy, had a big pocket (for flashlight), a hood and it's striped so, basically, it's the quintessential camping layer. I plan on wearing this one a lot this week!

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