5 Jul 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #110

ONE // When Calls the Heart
Being the Hallmark fanatic that I am, I had heart of the TV series When Calls the Heart but had not started watching it from the start, so never really got into it. There was even a movie every year during the Countdown to Christmas, but I always just skipped those. Anyways, I was scrolling on Netflix the other day and saw that the first four seasons were there! That's all I needed to start watching the series. It always interested me because I have a soft spot for old-time-y settings and costumes. I admit the costumes are way off for the times, but I'm trying to look past that and just enjoy the story. I am hooked and can't wait for the next seasons! If you like Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, even Downton Abbey, you'll love this show too!

TWO // Iced Coffee
I've been switching things up with my coffee these days and traded in my usual latte for an iced coffee! I still follow the same recipe I do for my latte, but with a few differences. I brew a strong espresso base for the coffee, then add a bit of sugar and a tsp of iced java syrup over ice. I give it all a good stir and let it cool off before topping off with a lot of milk. That's it! Easy peasy and so refreshing on those hot summer mornings.

THREE // Merrickville
I had a few extra days off last week, so we decided to do a little day trip. We were very much conscious of social distancing and picked a small local town that we go to often, so we were familiar with the area. We went on a weekday, knowing that it would be less busy and we were right! Also, every little boutique has its own entrance, so we picked to go to only our select favourites. Each store had hand sanitizer at the entrance and we used it every time. I don't think I've ever sanitized my hands so often in a day! I was also really enjoying the different scents each sanitizer had. One smelled so good we would have bought a bottle had it been for sale! We hit my favourite little boutique, Anarchy Gallery and I found a darling dress. I'll be sure to feature it soon enough on the blog! We grabbed a fish n' chips from the chip truck and enjoyed it on the boat in the harbour. It was a very hot day, so we then went for a swim and a late afternoon boat ride on the river. It was such a great day and we had the most beautiful weather!

FOUR // Summer Puzzle
When I found out I'd be getting bonus days off, I decided that I would set one aside specifically to do a puzzle. Puzzling has got to be one of my favourite things to do, but I have to be strategic in picking the right time to do one as I get fully consumed. Once I start, I can't stop! We had gotten a double-puzzle box recently and I knew I wanted to do this one. I started around 10 a.m. and finished it at 10:30 p.m. I did a 1000-piece puzzle all by myself in one day! I had never done that before and was so proud of myself! I did take a few breaks for eating, but I spent all day sitting at the dining room table with my puzzle and listened to podcasts. It was the most perfect day for me: puzzles and podcasts! I was in the zone and it was just what I needed to disconnect for a day. 

FIVE // Drive-In, Take Two
Going to the drive-in was how we wrapped up our day trip. It's located near Merrickville, so we decided to add it to the plan. The double feature was Ghostbusters and Bloodshot. We bought our tickets ahead of time and had packed a lot of snacks so we did not have to leave the car. To be honest, I fell asleep and we didn't see the second movie. But a day of sun, swimming and boating will do that... Regardless, it was nice to watch a classic movie and it was the perfect wrap-up to our little day out. The drive-in is seriously the perfect activity during these times!

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