26 Jul 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #112

ONE // Digital Detox
I inadvertently took a week-long digital detox while camping last week. While I knew there would be no WiFi, it hadn't occurred to me that there would be absolutely no service either. I guess I had thought that I'd do a few Instagram Stories along the way, but wasn't planning on doing much more than that, really. I guess having no service at all made it easy to completely disconnect and set aside the daily technological distractions. I have to admit that unplugging, and I mean really unplugging, felt so good! It reminded me of simpler times and quieted the constant noise that surrounds us. I was able to unwind in a beautiful setting surrounded only by the sounds of nature. I feel both relaxed and renewed in the best way possible. I just might try to consciously do another digital detox at some point because I see the benefit it brings. Have any of you ever done a digital detox before?

TWO // Princess Beatrice's Wedding
On the day my digital detox ended, I was delighted to hear the news of Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi's secret wedding! I was hoping for another royal wedding, but things were not looking too too good for poor Beatrice. I absolutely love how they chose to get married in the end. It was a small, intimate family affair filled with sentimentality and tradition. From her choice to wear a borrowed gown from the Queen to the Diamond Fringe Tiara (the same worn by the Queen on her own wedding day!), everything was so thoughtful and I found it suited Beatrice to a T. To me, it had all the makings of a real-life fairy tale wedding. Seeing as this is likely the last wedding of a grandchild the Queen is likely to attend, I love that the pomp and circumstance were paired back to make way to only to what was really important. The world needed a bit of love in these trying times and this news came at just the right moment! I wish the happy couple all the best in the years to come!

THREE // Swimming in the Lake
After a week of camping, we spent a week at my parents' farm, where I grew up. There was plenty of space to keep a safe distance at all times and it felt so nice to be back in the country. I had the best summers during my childhood because they were spent in the fresh air, surrounded by nature and with both a lake and a Great Lake nearby. This means we can go swimming anytime we want, which we did! I absolutely love swimming in lakes. They are just so fresh and clean! Besides, swimming in the lake on a hot summer day is so organic and relaxing. I love the slow pace of the country in the summer. This was the best little vacation to let us recharge and get out of the city for a bit.

FOUR // Tropical Leggings
I don't know about you, but I've been wearing a lot more workout clothes during quarantine and working from home. I have a good little collection of leggings, but found myself adding a few pieces here and there these last few months because I'm just wearing them more often. I actually do wear them to work out (guess this means I'm still getting those workouts in), but I've been practically living in them. When I saw these tropical print ones at Old Navy, I couldn't resist: they are perfect for summer! I already had a couple tops that would match them, so I snagged a pair! They are just so colourful and fun!

FIVE // Masks With Mom
It seems everybody is making masks these days, but hey, there's a need for them. My mom, being the avid sewer that she is, has amassed quite the collection of fabric over the years. Every sewer I know has a stock pile of fabrics, seriously! Guess, those stock piles and leftovers are coming in handy now more than ever. My mom's been making masks like it's her job now, and I'm not complaining because she's keeping us well stocked. I've even recognized some of the fabrics she had used to make me dresses when I was little. She's saved these scraps for at least twenty-odd years! The nostalgia hit hard and I will surely think of her every time I wear one. I'm amassing quite the little collection now and predict matching masks to my outfits will be inevitable as time goes on... Masks will definitely be the VMP accessory of 2020!

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