31 Jul 2020

Island Hopping Dressing

Today's post will by my last vacation one. This is bitter sweet... 
Let's get started before I start thinking about it too much, shall we? 

While spending a week at my parents', we took a day to go for a ride to St. Joseph Island. We loved it so much when we had gone two summers ago, we wanted to go back, even if it was mostly spent in the car and socially distancing. We had packed our coffees to go before leaving and only stopped in a little café for sandwiches to go for lunch. Only one of us entered and we both wore our masks, as was everyone else in the café. I must point out how absolutely adorable The Copper Bean was! I mean, it was the cutest little café decorated with great attention to detail and local history. It was a real little gem of a place.

Sandwiches in hand, we drove the rest of the way to the Island. We did take a slight detour as we missed our turn off, so the drive took a bit longer than anticipated! Once on the Island, we found a cute little spot on the water's edge to enjoy our lunch, and enjoy it we did! Not only was the scenery breathtaking, but the sandwiches were the best sandwiches we'd ever had, and I'm not saying that lightly. Mine was smoked turkey with apple, brie and cranberry aioli on a multi-grain bread. It was scrumptious! I'm still thinking about it a week later. My husband got the roast beef one and enjoyed just as much. I was seriously impressed with the quality and taste of these sandwiches! 

After filling our bellies, we parked at the marina in Hilton Beach and strolled along the adorable little streets. I really wanted to go by my favourite little library. It obviously was not open, but I was happy to see they had curbside pick-up, just like the big city libraries! We saw very few people and kept our distance the entire time. It was a beautiful day, so we strolled along the docks checking out the boats in the marina. Then, we took a little ride along the tiny streets and spotted a beautiful little white church with the most beautiful flower beds. My husband got out of the car to take a few pictures. We also spotted the tiniest of old-timey prisons, but didn't stop to take a closer look. Maybe next time!

After having spent a bit of time in Hilton Beach, we crossed the Island to Richard's Landing. Unfortunately, that marina didn't have many boats to look at so we stopped in my favourite little shop. Masks on, hands sanitized before, during and after and a limit of shoppers at a time. We picked up a few unique pieces for the home and I got a new puzzle. Then, we headed home just in time for dinner with my parents. Although not quite as busy as our prior visit, it was nice to get out and tour around a bit, even if we didn't get much social interaction. We are living in different times and trying our best to adapt.

Our vacation turned out differently than what we had originally envisioned for 2020, but we made the best of a difficult situation and still managed to get some rest and relaxation while keeping our distance and doing our part to avoid the spread of the virus. We've now been back home for a week and have not been out except for medical appointments and a quick grocery curbside pick-up. We are isolating for a solid two weeks before resuming running essential errands.

Dress: Old Navy (similar)  | Sweater: Nordstrom (similar)  | Hat: H&M (similar)  | Purse: H&M (similar) | Earrings: H&M (similar) | Sunglasses: Nordstrom (similar) | Slides: Old Navy (similar)

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