23 Apr 2021

Cozy Maxi

Well, this is a look, ha ha! I was a tad too hopeful for great weather over the weekend and wanted to wear this lightweight maxi dress. Well, it was rather chilly so I ended up adding a striped hoodie and sneakers to the mix. I call it Canadian cottage chic. The weather has really been turning on a dime these days and the temperature swings are noteworthy... I guess this is one way of wearing your summer clothes even if it's actually cold out. Truth be told, I was quite comfortable and actually swapped out my sneakers for knit socks later on. The socks definitely did not match, but by that point, I was already too far gone to care!

Dress: Old Navy | Sweater: Old Navy (similar) | Earrings: Banana Republic (similar) | Hair Clip: Old Navy (similar) | Sneakers: Zara (similar)

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