11 Apr 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #147

ONE // Potter Puzzle
A long weekend rhymes with puzzle to me! I always know just want to do when I have a little extra time on my hands. I even look forward to those extra days off and plan to puzzle. Yup, I even pick out my puzzle in anticipation! My usually tried and true method of beginning a puzzle with the outer edge proved difficult this time around. The entire edge of this particular puzzle was of a wooden frame... It took me a while to get the four sides to match up and even then, realized some pieces were still not right down the line. I did pull through and managed to get the rest of the puzzle done! Next time, I'll start from the middle and work my way out, ha ha!

TWO // Butter Yellow Headband
Continuing on the Potter train of thought (I can't help myself!), I present this butter yellow headband! I actually got this beauty at the end of summer last year, but am so happy to pull it out again and get a full season's worth of wear out of it. It's the most perfect, delicate shade of yellow that complements all of my pastel-palette ensembles. I didn't have this colour yet in my arsenal of headbands and it's filling the gap quite nicely. Besides, it is sure to be a perfect match for all of my lemon outfits...

THREE // Chip Truck Season
Our favourite chip truck opened up last weekend and we were so thrilled! We called in our order ahead of time because it is that popular and busy! Man, I was craving those golden fries and a juicy burger. It was just as delicious as expected and totally hit the spot. We also got a side order of Pop Curds (deep-fried cheese curds) as is tradition, ha ha! I mean, cheese curds are a Canadian food group, so you really can't pass them up. The deep-fried variety is as scrumptious as it sounds! We ate at home this time, but I'm looking forward to the day we can pick up our order and go eat it picnic style lazing by the river...

FOUR // Sassy Trash Can
Seeing as we have a couple of small dogs that like to swipe tissue from trash cans, we decided to only use covered trash cans. We still needed to get a couple for our respective home offices and found these witty Rae Dunn cans at Homesense. Mine says Trash Talk while my husband's says Toss. I like the little sayings and the simple design of these trash cans as they fit in well with almost any décor. It's a nice little spin on a usually very boring item!

FIVE // Smoothie Bowls
I've been on this kick lately of making smoothies in the morning; yet another perk of working from home! I actually prefer pouring my smoothie into a bowl as I find it easier to eat with a spoon. I guess this technically makes them smoothie bowls... Either way, it's a great way to start the day and I make sure to pack it with fibre and protein to keep me full. I use frozen fruit, rolled oats, flax seeds, Greek yogurt and local honey. Then, I blend it all in my Ninja blender and pour it into a bowl. Today, I topped it with shredded coconut, a bit of granola and kiwi. I vary the fruit mixes a bit to keep things fresh and I always enjoy finding out the final colour of the blend! All this fruit and sunshine is so energizing these days. Anything to start the day with a smile!

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