4 Jul 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #158

ONE // Vaccine
The highlight of my week has definitely been getting my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine! I'd been patiently waiting my turn and the day had finally arrived! I've seriously never been more excited to get a shot in my life. I believe in science and am extremely grateful to everyone who made the development of vaccines possible. I take my civic duty very responsibly and do everything I can to not contribute to the spread of a deadly virus. The health risks related to the virus are far greater and greatly outnumber the possible side effects of the vaccine. The science makes sense and it's been proven to work. It's also recently been discovered that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are likely to produce long-lasting immunity. I stand by my decision to get vaccinated.

TWO // Chocofav Treat
As it was my husband's birthday on the day I got vaccinated (he got his a couple days prior), we decided to treat ourselves! We went to our local Chocolats Favoris and really indulged! I got the Kookie Cotton Candy cone, naturally. I mean, it's basically the unicorn of ice cream cones, how could I not? My husband opted for a more, shall we say, adult option: the Kookie Salted Caramel cone. They were a real treat for the senses, from the visuals to the taste buds. Mine was sweet on sweet on sweet; I could literally feel the sugar coursing through my veins! The salted caramel version had a much more balanced flavour profile and good texture variations. We don't go here often, but when we do, we go all out!

THREE // Framed Photos
So my husband got a few wedding photos printed out a few Christmases ago and I am only now getting around to framing them and putting them up on the wall. Better late than never, ha ha! I found simple black frames at Homesense and they are perfect. I love clean black frames, I don't know why, but I just do. Besides, they are black and white photos, so the frames frame them really well. I now have a great spot just above my shoe cabinet, so figured that would be perfect for a little wedding wall. I really love that we have a winter and a summer photo together, it really tells the story!

FOUR // June Ipsy
It's always a good day when my monthly Ipsy glam bag shows up! This month's bag is so cute with all its patches and rainbow zipper. Also, I love the fact that all of my products kept with the vibe of the bag and are all super colourful, ha ha! I got some good stuff this month and even got to test them out before writing this. Let's start with the fruity things: a pineapple gel cleanser and watermelon serum. These are seriously fruity smelling and make me feel like I'm on a tropical vacation! They are great for a refreshing end-of-day face routine, especially in summer. Then, I got these adorable Minion blemish patches. I was worried that they'd only look cute, but they totally work! I tested one out on a bad blemish and when I woke up, it had sucked out all the gunk. Blemish patches are so cool, I can't believe I only discovered them last month... Next up is a liquid blush. This is a new product for me, but I totally love it. I just dabbed a few drops on my cheekbones and blended to reveal a soft flush. This product is perfect for hot summer days. I'm also really loving the lip oil as well. The deep pink shade is so rich and the gold shimmer gives it that little something extra. The next make-up product was the brow gel. Brow gel is basically the only product I use on my brows and swear by it so I was really looking forward to trying this Anastasia one. I think it's one shade too dark for me, but it's very comparable to the Benefit one I swear by. I'll make it work! I was happy to get a new hand cream and love the Goldfaden MD brand. I find their foot cream to be the best one out there so was very pleased to get the hand cream! I put it on before bed as it's a thicker consistency, but it works! Finally, I got this super hot pink nail polish!

FIVE // Hot Pink Nail Polish
Speaking of nail polish, I thought I'd give it its own featured spot! This colour is bold. It's the hottest shade of pink and totally gives of highlighter vibes. Also, it's basically Barbie's signature shade. It's a lot. But, I kind of like it, ha ha! I think it's a great summer shade and goes well with a tan. I tried it on my finger nails, but think it might be a better option for a pedicure. It's bright, but I'm totally owning it! Nail polishes can be so fun and push you slightly out of your comfort zone. I'm sure this shade would be a hit with little girls because it's just so fun!

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