11 Jul 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #159

ONE // Yahtzee
My husband and I took out a board game the other day to play as we were relaxing in our backyard. We opted for Yahtzee as we wanted something easy and not too complicated. I like the luck aspect of Yahtzee and can't help but get a bit competitive, ha ha! This is one of our Winning Solutions Book Games. We have three and just love them. They are classic board games that are done in a vintage linen book style, which makes them the perfect games to display on a shelf. That way, when they are not in use, they serve as decor: it's a win-win situation!

TWO // Rope Belt
I knew I needed this belt the moment I clapped eyes on it! It instantly reminded me of the outfit Ariel the Little Mermaid wears when she lands on the beach after getting her human legs. I mean, it's just too perfect, isn't it? I couldn't resist the opportunity to slip in a Disney-inspired item into my wardrobe! I'm just living out my childhood dream over here, ha ha! Besides, it's nice to change things up from the straw belt.

THREE // Straw Visor
As much as I love a good straw hat (and have many to choose from), I always found myself struggling with wanting to wear a hat and wanting to wear my hair up. It's a really big decision to make on a hot day. Trust me, when you have long hair like I do that frizzes in the humidity, the struggle is real! I came across the straw visor concept a couple years ago and finally decided to get one. It's basically a wide-brimmed straw hat without the top so that you can wear both your hat and your hair up. It's a real game changer! It even has this adorable bow at the back that hides a Velcro which allows you to adjust the size of your hat. Also, it rolls up and secures with an elastic for easy travel. I mean, it's the perfect summer topper! I've been wearing it non-stop since I got it, it's just that good!

FOUR // Belted Swimsuit
Keeping with the summer vacation theme, how adorable is this belted swimsuit? I've been eyeing belted one-piece swimsuits for a while now and finally gave it with this navy beauty that has just the right touch of nautical style. I love the simplicity of this one-piece, but that belt adds just enough flair to elevate it and give it interest. It's currently packed in my suitcase, ready to go on vacation!

FIVE // Out of Office
I will be taking two weeks off from my regular posting schedule on the blog. I need a break and want to fully disconnect to make the most of my vacation. I will still be sporadically posting on my Instagram stories, so be sure to follow me there for more live updates. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled posts as of July 26! Until then, take care and have a great summer!

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