5 Jul 2021

Dots Mark the Spot!

I'm wearing all the dots today and it's making me so happy! I love a good dot print and a monochromatic look, so today's outfit is totally on brand. In my opinion, one cannot wear too many spots (I know Cruella would agree with me on this!) I also find there is nothing more striking than a carefully styled black and white look. Bear with my while I walk you through the process! 

I started off with my polka dot midi skirt, a big bold print. Then, I paired it with my small dot white off-the-shoulder top. The reason this works is because the colours are reversed and I paired a big print with a small print. Also, the proportions are at play here; the skirt is voluminous, while the top is more baring. I took things one step further by adding the printed scarf. I again reversed the colours here opting for a black background. This way, the two black prints don't come in contact and ensure great contrast with the white top. That's it for the print mixing portion!

Now, on to accessories. Seeing as the outfit is print saturated, I stuck with the colour palette of black and white for the accessories. I added simple halo pearl stud earrings, a pearl barrette, black and white sunglasses and black strappy espadrilles. To soften the contrasting colours, I pulled from the espadrilles and added a straw bag. Then, I finished off with a bold red lip. Nothing makes a great lip pop like a monochromatic look!

Top: Zara (similar) | Skirt: H&M (similar) | Scarf: Zara (similar) | Earrings: Beyond the Rack (similar) | Sunglasses: La Vie en Rose (similar) | Barrette: Etsy (similar) | Bag: Gap (similar) | Espadrilles: Old Navy (similar)

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